Movistar Yamaha 2015 MotoGP Bumper Photo Gallery

The new, lower exhaust

The new air intake retains the lip which appeared late last year

Swingarm and rear wheel

An abundance of sponsors

The business end

Bridgegestone/Ohlins/Brembo, industry standard

Note the mount for the rear-facing camera on the right. Honda's is integrated into the bodywork

Exhaust close up

Clutch, side vent, exhaust

Right side, wider angle

Sensors adorn the front wheel

Lots of shots of the right of the bike, few of the left...

One of the few close up images of the left side

Got to put those sponsor logos somewhere ...

Fiat is back, in a limited way

Nicely integrated tail light


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I like it too. Are tails are growing again or is it my perception? They look chunkier. Agreed re a few posts down, looks a tad "busy" w all the sponsors - they must surely be bothered by having so many! ;) Great problem to have. Welcome back Fiat.

Bigger bolder fonts and sponsors look great. Blue wheels...didn't they used to be black? They look GREAT blue!

Two thumbs up and tongue out salivating.

Go get em Valentino and Yamaha!!! If you can do it w so little fuel and such stiff tire construction I will be delighted! And 2016....GRRRRrrrrr!

The M1 has been the best-styled bike for some years now, but this latest effort has become a bit 'generic'... I think it's time for the M1 stylists to find a new hook. The same could be said of Ducati. Both Yamaha and Ducati MotoGP bikes have clear styling DNA links back to 2004.

Honda changed the look of the RC in 2007 (short tail) and then again in 2010 (when it gained all that visual weight under the seat) - but they too could do with a change - the Honda looks brutal rather than sleek, I'd like to see them find a balance with it.

The more I look the more I am sure that tail is HUGE. The used the tail section from a TL1000R.

Monday there will be photos of the new Repsol livery. Hugger over the rear wheel is orange (ick), the similarly chunky subframe to tail bit is HUGE and black stripey (ick #2), but the lower fairing and front fender are lovely Red Bull bits. Overall? My superstitious intuition tells me they have a demon under that fairing that will make the bike unruly, just like a few folks have said, and the weird new look is congruent. Cursed I tell you!

This M1 on the other hand is a BEAUT.

Better in yellow too, so thassit, Rossi wins his 10th title.