2015 World Superbikes Championship Standings After Round 7, Portimao, Portugal

1 J. Rea Kawasaki 330  
2 T. Sykes Kawasaki 206 -124
3 L. Haslam Aprilia 199 -131
4 C. Davies Ducati 184 -146
5 J. Torres Aprilia 131 -199
6 S. Guintoli Honda 113 -217
7 M. Baiocco Ducati 88 -242
8 M. vd Mark Honda 85 -245
9 L. Mercado Ducati 85 -245
10 A. Lowes Suzuki 80 -250
11 D. Giugliano Ducati 73 -257
12 A. Badovini BMW 63 -267
13 N. Terol Ducati 54 -276
14 R. Ramos Kawasaki 47 -283
15 D. Salom Kawasaki 42 -288
16 L. Camier MV Agusta 40 -290
17 X. Fores Ducati 38 -292
18 R. De Puniet Suzuki 22 -308
19 S. BarragÁN Kawasaki 17 -313
20 T. Bayliss Ducati 15 -315
21 M. Fabrizio Ducati 13 -317
22 S. Barrier BMW 10 -320
23 C. Ponsson Kawasaki 7 -323
24 I. Toth BMW 5 -325
25 G. Rizmayer BMW 3 -327
26 N. Canepa Kawasaki 3 -327
27 L. Pegram EBR 2 -328
28 J. Metcher Kawasaki 2 -328
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should have been given a deserving ride in motogp. He did so much for hondain wsbk hoping they will rewardhim but to his dismay they didn't even considered him. Poor rea

Yup, Rea is really making that Kawasaki working for him. The honda was simply holding back his talent. Good job, he really judged both races well. He is dominating but I am not bored as there are interesting battles behind him. At least there are no DRS gimmicks here (read on other forums how the Canadian GP is helping cure insomnia :-)

As for Sykes, well, don't really know what happened in the second race. Dropped really fast and if the race had more laps then he would have been further off his teammate. Did the problem of race 1 (engine cutting out at 9000 rpm) persist? His side of the garage really seem to be struggling with setup this year

We are about to get to the 'Aprilia tracks' so it will be interesting to see what developments they will make over the coming races. Same for Ducati. Monday will give us a hint

Dutch commentary on Eurosport talked about a strong rumour that Max Biaggi will do a couple of wildcard appearances at Misano and Sepang! haven't read anything about that yet, but that would be pretty cool! Biaggi doing a Bayliss, so to speak. I am curious to see how fast he still is. Now if only Bayliss would come over to join in again as well... ;-)
(It's a pity Bayliss did not take part at Aragon and Assen, I think at those tracks - and with more races under his belt - he would have done much better than at that tropical hot Thai circuit that was not suited to the Ducati at all, seeing Davies struggling and crashing there).

Wow, Jonathan Rea is this year sort of becoming the Marc Marquez of 2014, only with a bigger lead in the standings... Incredible how consistent he is and what an enormous points lead he has accumulated. This surely must be a record, 124 points after seven rounds..??

Not good for the championship battle of course, but on the other hand, it is mighty impressive to see the man fly. And in a different way, it is exciting to see just who will be able to take wins from him. Sykes, Haslam, Davies and Giuliano all are close at times, and I expect Torres to mix it with these guys sometime soon.

And you never know what happens. With 50 points up for grabs each weekend, things can change quite rapidly if Rea falls off a few times. He's had a couple of close calls already, not just at Donington, but here in race 1 too. We've seen situations turn around mid-season several times before. (Bayliss-Edwards in 2002, Haga-Spies in 2009, to name two - and last year Sykes seemed to be pretty safe too...)

It was reported elsewhere that Sykes' rear tire was losing pressure hence the laptime drop.

Rea is the real deal. Funny how life goes, several seasons ago a lot of us were anticipating a Honda V4 WSBK overdog w him on it. Nope! Glad he hung in there despite being outgunned on the CBR, and picked up a good seat.

No room at the Inn with Honda in MotoGP. Hoping he gets in the show on a good bike SOON.

I thought the same thing when I saw him cruising on the lap after the finish. The rear tyre did look unusually flat. He must have been really struggling and frustrated through those last laps. Not the luckiest man of the weekend for sure, after already having that electronic issue at the end of race 1.

It still hasn´t been confirmed but Joan Lascorz, commentator on Teledeporte TV in Spain usually gets these things right and he believed he saw the tire fattening and losing pressure in the final third of the second race.

Regarding Rea to MotoGP: I have seen a lot of very good super bike riders go to MotoGP and flounder there, especially if they are on satellite bikes. The good thing is that with Suzuki, Aprilia and soon, I believe, KTM, there are more seats.

Those empty grandstands in so many circuits are a worry. I know from the people involved that Dorna is working hard on the technical and sporting side, but to what extent can they promote successfully when all their eggs are in the other basket?

Rea already did two wildcards on the Repsol Honda in 2012. He came in 7th and 8th. Compare that to Aoyama's results on Dani's bike this year - and remember that Aoyama is a former Honda motogp rider, and a current test rider.

but the races are still interesting to watch.

He has basically a 5 race lead with 12 to go. The size of his lead (124 pts) is more than what all but what Sykes, Haslam, Torres and Davies have scored this year, and if you add yup the points from Terol to the bottom, he's still outscored them by 10 points.

A lap or so after Sykes started dropping back in race 2, I thought I saw that his rear tire was a little low. It's a shame because it basically ended the race for the win.

I don't think anyone can stop Rea this year, and unless some of the other teams step it up to the level of KRT, it could be a long few years for them.