Forward Racing Press Release: Stefan Bradl Has Successful Surgery On Fractured Scaphoid

The Forward Racing team issued the following press release after Stefan Bradl's surgery this afternoon:

Successful surgery for Bradl in Augsburg

Following the crash of last Saturday at Assen, in which he fractured his right scaphoid, Stefan Bradl had surgery today in Augsburg, his hometown.

The surgery, performed by Dr. Stefan Krischak, hand specialist, was necessary to reduce the

fracture and to fix it with a Herbert screw. "Everything went well" were the first words of the German rider who will be discharged today from hospital and will return home.

At the moment it is difficult to precisely estimate the time for recovery, more news will follow after more exams will be performed on Stefan during the week.

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in my wrist. Felt immensly better the day after I had it installed. Neat piece of engineering. Threads on each end of two different diameters and pitches. When tightened, it draws the two broken pieces together tightly.

they drill a shouldered hole. the small diameter with coarse threads goes in first. The larger diameter with the fine threads goes in last. When they tighten it, it draws the forward part rearward faster due to the coarse threads. I think Nicky Hayden had one as well, but it gave him issues and he had to have the pin removed as well as a row of bones. Don't really know if it was an installation issue or what. Mine has been in for almost 20 years. Sure beats 3 months in a cast which is the typical scaphoid treatment. Hardest bone in the body to heal, and most likely to go necrotic (die) due to lack of blood. The blood flows through the length of the peanut shaped bone, and when you break the middle of it, it stops blood flow to the far end. I wish Bradl the best.

Never a good bone to break the scaphoid. Mine still gives me trouble from the twice I broke it in '92. Three weeks in a cast the first time, I knew it was coming off too early but I had university exams to sit the following week and they wouldn't provide a scribe. Broke it again 2 months later and had the cast for 6 weeks that time. That fixed it but now I get an arthritis like pain on cold, damp days.

Personally I would skip Sachesnring in order to be fit for Indy but a rider never wants to skip their home race.