Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 4 - A Look Back At Brno, With David Emmett And Neil Morrison

The latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out. This time, we are looking back at a race, instead of ahead, as's David Emmett and Neil Morrison of Roadracing World and look back at Brno and go over the latest silly season rumors.

The podcast is still very much in development, which means that the sound quality isn't always great, and there is still no RSS or iTunes feed. We are continuing to work on this, and hope to have a more complete set up in place soon. Enjoy!

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I liked the mention of some tension between Rossi and Marquez. I was certain something was brewing in Marquez' mind already after Argentina. Assen broke the camel's back. I still don't beleive Marquez would ever aid Lorenzo in the title, but I guess they have quietly realized they have a common rival in Rossi (which is also what I believe helped Lorenzo and Stoner have such open mutual apreciation).

Do you guys have podcasts for each GPs? Will you ever take question from the readers/listeners?