2015 Misano Moto2 Race Result: Being Naughty Isn't A Good Tactic

Back-flipping Frenchman Johann Zarco, leading the title chase by eighty-five points, sits on pole position, but the fight for second place between Alex Rins and Tito Rabat is still very much undecided.

Zarco won out on the multitude of unusual lines taken in the first few corners to try to lead, with Dominique Aegerter and Alex Rins following when the dust settled. On the second lap, Aegerter and Zarco swapped the lead a few times, trading elbow boops as they swapped the lead round the faster corners. Zarco lost out in that fight while Aegerter went on to snatch the lap record a lap later.

On lap four, Alex Rins passed Zarco and set about closing down Aegerter while Zarco hit the limit of his pace, unable to keep with the faster two riders. Rins was second while his rival Tito Rabat languished in eighth place and, on lap six, he made his challenge for the lead.

As Alex Rins charged the apex, Aegerter retained his lead, closing the door but Rins was carrying far too much speed into the second apex and, rear wheel sliding, he couldn't scrub enough speed off and collected Dominique Aegerter as his front wheel punched Aegerter's rear.

Both riders skittled into the gravel, gifting Zarco with a manageable first place and scuppering Rins's lead over Rabat for second place in the championship. Both riders got back on their bikes and tried to return to the race, but they were too far back to fight for points and Aegerter pitted in. Race Direction announced their interest in the event immediately.

Zarco led ahead of Hafizh Syahrin and Simone Corsi, but it didn't take too many laps for Syahrin to be passed by Corsi, Jonas Folger, Taka Nakagami and Julian Simon. As Zarco hit his stride, building a gap over Corsi and Folger tenth by tenth, Tito Rabat's bike started to work as the weight of the fuel lowered and his handling settled.

Sam Lowes crossed the line to start lap eighteen with his rear tyre smoking. His rear hugger had given up the ghost and was causing him a few problems, but as he entered the last corner he lost power as his hugger bit into the rear tyre, cutting a groove into it and eventually spitting its carbon fibre all over the track as Lowes was forced out of the race.

Nakagami was up to second place with six laps left with Corsi struggling to keep up. Rabat passed Corsi and signalled to him to tuck in behind him if he wanted a lift.

Meanwhile, Alex Rins, with his bike surviving better than Aegerter's was making a nuisance of himself, a lap down and messing with the riders fighting for fourth place and trying to mess with Rabat. He got a penalty to drop two places and ignored it, earning himself a well-deserved black flag.

Rabat caught Nakagami, dropping Corsi in his charge to the front and swapped places with Nakagami several times, but came out the better.

Two laps without any fighting in the top three, Zarco having enough of a gap to keep Rabat at bay.

Johann Zarco won another Moto2 race, performed another back flip and increased his lead to 93 points over Tito Rabat whose second place put him 17 points ahead of Alex Rins whose only points would be penalty points.



Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 5 Johann ZARCO Kalex 42'38.099
2 1 Tito RABAT Kalex +3.850
3 30 Takaaki NAKAGAMI Kalex +5.388
4 3 Simone CORSI Kalex +7.058
5 60 Julian SIMON Speed Up +9.225
6 94 Jonas FOLGER Kalex +10.466
7 7 Lorenzo BALDASSARRI Kalex +13.784
8 11 Sandro CORTESE Kalex +16.334
9 39 Luis SALOM Kalex +17.896
10 12 Thomas LUTHI Kalex +18.353
11 49 Axel PONS Kalex +24.029
12 19 Xavier SIMEON Kalex +27.609
13 25 Azlan SHAH Kalex +29.037
14 4 Randy KRUMMENACHER Kalex +32.140
15 95 Anthony WEST Speed Up +33.312
16 54 Mattia PASINI Kalex +36.315
17 23 Marcel SCHROTTER Tech 3 +37.245
18 55 Hafizh SYAHRIN Kalex +43.947
19 96 Louis ROSSI Tech 3 +43.986
20 10 Thitipong WAROKORN Kalex +52.354
21 9 Luca MARINI Kalex +1'01.171
22 66 Florian ALT Suter +1'05.168
23 97 Xavi VIERGE Tech 3 1 Lap
24 77 Dominique AEGERTER Kalex 3 Laps
    Not Classified    
  64 Federico CARICASULO Kalex 8 Laps
  22 Sam LOWES Speed Up 9 Laps
  2 Jesko RAFFIN Kalex 11 Laps
  73 Alex MARQUEZ Kalex 20 Laps
  70 Robin MULHAUSER Kalex 21 Laps
  36 Mika KALLIO Kalex 24 Laps
  88 Ricard CARDUS Suter 24 Laps
  40 Alex RINS Kalex 0 Lap
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I don't remember ever seen him so hot-headed before. Might he be confused with his position in the race that he decided to ignore the flags, thinking that it's a mistake by Race Direction?

I don't get it - the commentators were saying it wasn't illegal to be unlapping himself, just bad manners.

is actually tasked with taking decisions on the intangible stuff like these. It's not like it's all based on rules. Race direction takes into consideration things like rider's motive, implications of his actions etc. So even though it was in his right to lap the way he was lapping, it was downright morally wrong. He was holding up riders who were fighting for points. U can't expect to race one lap down and keep getting on others way. He was asked to let two of the riders pass, which he ignored. And that is in bad taste, so black flagged. But the irony is, he could've lapped 5 more laps before pitting once he was shown the black flag. Had he did that, it wouldve been extremely distasteful and would have surly resulted in further penalty even though by rule he is allowed to do that...

David, Ant West says on Facebook that he was sacked by his QMMF team, but doesn't elaborate. Any idea what that's all about?

His results haven't been stellar but seem to be improving of late. Seems a bit strange to sack him at this stage of the season.

Kallio and Intertrans agreed on a split, so I assume QMMF, when given the choice of Westy or Kallio made the obvious decision especially when you look at what Simon can do on the bike and what the Speed Up with Lowes is capable of.

David would Iove to hear more on this. I have followed West closely this year and with possibly his stronger rounds coming up was surprised by the change. I was also interested to hear Rabat say he had so many new parts to test at the last test but noticed that West said he had nothing new to test. How equal is equipment and are the less financial riders worse off. Certainly Simon has been fast but West hasn't been far off in the end of most races