LCR Honda Fantasy Bike: What GIVI Should Really Do

Lucio Cecchinello, the team boss behind the LCR Honda, is renowned for his ingenious approach to raising sponsorship for his team, as he explained to us in an interview last year. But as innovative as Cecchinello is, reader Chris Hough felt he was missing a trick. After all, if you are sponsored by motorcycle luggage manufacturer GIVI, why not do it properly?

Randy de Puniet's LCR Honda - With Hard Luggage

And so Chris sent us the following photoshop creation, showing the possibilities GIVI could have seized, if they had used their imaginations just a little bit more. We really like it, and think LCR Honda and GIVI ought to get together and actually build the bike. The publicity would be absolutely astounding.

If Chris' photoshopped RC211GIVI tickled your fancy, then we strongly recommend you head on over to his blog, and look at some of his other work. Always an entertaining read, and Chris is forever digging up little gems from all around the world.

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Worth a try. I used to run Givi hard bags when touring on my streetbike and friends would always complain there was no way past when I was holding them up in the twistiy bits. :-)

Top site by the way David, only just joined up but have been a regular visitor for years. Keep up the good work.

RdP doing just one lap in practice with a geared up bike like that. That would be awesome.

Another hard-ass Givi believer: 102K on my Trident, 36k on a Tiger, 40k on a K75 (top box only, the other two were stock BMW), and breganzane is right: Nobody passes on the twistys when you're packing a three-bag setup.

FTW!!!! My GIVI done me great service on my little underbone.