Valentino Rossi Injured In FP2 Crash At Mugello

Valentino Rossi's title defense looks to have suffered a severe setback at Mugello, as the 2009 World Champion had a big crash on Saturday morning. The Fiat Yamaha rider had a huge highside at the Biondetti chicane, being flicked off his M1 and onto the ground. He was stretchered off clutching his ankle, his right lower leg looking a very uncomfortable shape. No official word yet on the injury, but it looked to be very serious indeed. More news as it comes in.


Rossi is currently being examined in the Clinica Mobile for a suspected fractured right tibia, the shinbone or the larger of the two bones in the lower leg. Usually, and injury like that would require a number of weeks of recovery. If Rossi is unable to race on Sunday, it would be the first race he has missed in his career. But it is still uncertain whether he will be able to race or not. More updates as we get them.

Update 2:

Full details of the state of affairs can be found in this news item: Valentino Rossi Out Of Mugello MotoGP, Likely To Miss Four Races

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I think that's the only thing to be said right now. I hope he's not severly injured, maybe (hopefully) just a bruise that might heal up until the next race. Keeping my fingers crossed for some positive test results.

Maybe--and I'm hoping this is the case--it was just an illusion created by the shape of his boot, but I'm with David on this one: That sure looked like something was poking the outside part of Rossi's boot out. I'm not envisioning he will be racing this race and possibly several to come. Really too bad, as this one was shaping up to be a real dog fight (aside from the obvious not liking to see someone hurt like that).

anyone got a video of this? they don't show the second practices here

The crash itself wasn't caught on camera, all you can see is the start of the highsider. Nicky Hayden's bike camera (he was behind Rossi) picked it up a little, but he was to far away to really see anything.

Hopefully it is an injury a lot like the one Ben Spies suffered at Le Mans and nothing more, a simple twist of the ankle. A small bright side to this is, it is the right ankle and not the left. is reporting a shin break, will not compete further this weekend.

"Rossi was stretchered off the track to the medical centre where a broken right shin bone was diagnosed, and he will miss Sunday’s race."

Foul bad luck for Rossi, nobody can be pleased to see these guys get banged up. What is it about the top guys and the right foot? - Doohan, Hailwood, now Rossi - but hopefully Rossi will be back with a vengeance when it's ok again without any lasting effects.

Wow! This will shape up the top end of the racing order if Rossi isn't able to race. This being the first time possibly missing a GP in his career is a rather good run of either being that good or lucky. It's gonna be a busy couple of months in MotoGP and if he doesn't race at Laguna Seca I guess all those pics people uploaded for his bike...well who knows. I wonder though if he is to be out for an extended period of time would Fiat Yamaha be allowed to field another rider on that bike like say maybe spies? has footage from the fixed trackside cameras showing the crash from 2 angles. It was an absolutely massive high side and he came down hard. Looked very nasty. Get well soon Vale

I feel the pain when I see the footage of his high speed low speed highside already gave me lots of pain, can't imagine Vale just highsided at speed 10x faster.

Get well soon Vale 46!