Alex De Angelis Injury Update - Stable, Outlook Improving

The Ioda Racing team have posted another update on Alex De Angelis' condition after his horrific crash at Motegi. Overall, it is good news, though there is still plenty of reason for caution.

De Angelis' condition is stable, though he still faces several threats to his health. The good news is that the intercranial hematoma has not grown, meaning it will probably be naturally absorbed by the body in the coming days. Doctors continue to monitor that situation. 

De Angelis remains immobilized due to the spinal injuries he suffered. The fractured vertebrae mean he is being forced to lie still while they start to heal. Luckily, he has not suffered any damage to the spinal cord, and has full sensation everywhere. But even after De Angelis is able to move, he will have to wear a brace to immobilize and support his spinal column for several weeks.

The most worrying part of De Angelis' condition is his lungs. He suffered a severe lung contusion in the crash, and until this clears, it remains a danger. Though he is absorbing oxygen well, there are areas of the lung showing signs of Atelectasis, or collapsed lung. The doctors are monitoring that situation closely, and it will remain a serious concern for the next two or three days.

De Angelis was joined by his family yesterday, who flew out to Japan to support him. Dr. Michele Zasa of the Clinica Mobile remains with De Angelis, to assist him with medical matters.

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Glad to hear things are going relatively well with his recovery.
It's always a sobering moment when these racers don't pick themselves up and walk away after a tumble. Our entertainment comes at a price, but these guys have a love for speed, and would likely be taking risks on public roads if there were no such things as race tracks.
All one can do is wish him well.

As someone who has crashed and suffered all the same results (a big blow to the head, but I didn't have brain bleed), I feel for the guy. The good thing is, I'm generally completely fine, aside from a sore back every now and then. I hope Alex has the same recovery results I did, and given his fitness and determination, I'm sure he will.

Hang in there Alex!


for his complete recovery. What a scary crash. Keep fighting Alex! Great thing is the fitter you are the better you recover and these guys are at the top of their game when it comes to that! Thanks for the continuous updates David!


"A collapsed lung occurs when air escapes from the lung. The air then fills the space outside of the lung, between the lung and chest wall. This buildup of air puts pressure on the lung, so it cannot expand as much as it normally does when you take a breath.

The medical name of this condition is pneumothorax."

I looked it up as I wasn't sure what it was exactly or how it was treated. I assume they have a chest tube in him and hoping that will do the trick after a few days so they don't need to do surgery to try and resolve it.

I wonder when physical training became the norm in the paddock. His cardio will definitely help him out.

For the first time an injured rider is treated accordingly, and not carried on a stretch tumbling with untrained marshals, as seen before, it is a big step forward, this people risk their lives on their bikes and it's unfair being treated the way they were before,let's hope Dorna do the right thing and extend this protocol on every track.
Best wishes to Alex de Ángeles, tough monts ahead.