Alex De Angelis Discharged From Hospital - Recovery Starts Here

Alex De Angelis is home at last. After spending nearly two weeks in a hospital in Japan, recovering from serious injuries suffered in a big smash at Motegi, the Iodaracing rider was flown home on Sunday, where he received further treatment in the State Hospital of San Marino. With the doctors happy that he was well enough to go home, De Angelis was discharged from hospital yesterday.

Given the severity of his injuries - fractured vertebrae, broken ribs and a badly bruised lung - De Angelis faces a long rehabilitation process. He will have to wear a back brace for 45 days, undergo continuous medical checks and start physical rehabiliation to recover his fitness. The doctors have ruled out a return to racing in the short term, but say that it may be possible for De Angelis to be fit for MotoGP testing in Sepang, at the start of February 2016.

The Iodaracing press release appears below:


Terni, 28 October 2015 – The Team e-motion Iodaracing MotoGP rider, Alex De Angelis, was discharged from the Hospital of the State of San Marino and returned home this afternoon.

De Angelis was the victim of a terrible accident in the Japanese GP FP4, spent about two weeks in the intensive care unit at the University Hospital of Dokkyo in Mibu. Later he was transferred to Italy and subsequently transported to the State Hospital of San Marino where he stayed for just 48 hours.

The conditions of Alex De Angelis are continuous and constant improvement so that doctors do not rule out his return to the track for testing session of the MotoGP next February 2016. Until then, De Angelis will have to wear a corset for about 45 days, undergo to constant checks and follow physiotherapy necessary to return in top shape.

ALEX DE ANGELIS – MOTOGP RIDER - ”I’m really happy to be back home. This is a very positive sign for me and I’m looking forward to getting back to train. The doctors have ruled out for the time I come back on my bike, but it’s ok because in the winter however you cannot try or ride. I will use this time to get back in shape and to get to the first test of the next year ready for the season. Once again I want to thank all the medical staff who assisted me both in Japan and in San Marino. Thanks again to the Clinica Mobile and to all the fans and friends that make me feel their closeness, even when I was away. “

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at last.
I was really concerned for AdA when I read the reports.

I hope his prognosis is a positive as he states. The fact he was released as quickly as he was seems a good sign.

Great news indeed that Alex is not only back in San Marino, but now able to go home. I hope he recovers quickly and fully so that he can make a decision on what to do from here on. My guess is we'll see him racing again but only time will tell. Heal well AdA.

I am very grateful for this news. It puts all the other drama into perspective for me. It is easy for me to start making the outcome of a sport too important, but this headline helps remind me what is really important. Thanks for that Alex. I'm also impressed that that is already thinking about getting back to training.

This is very good news indeed, but I would be surprised if he were able to return to MotoGP at a competitive level as early as February.

Several years ago I suffered similar injuries (several fractured vertebrae, loose rib, etc) following a track-day highside, and I haven't really ridden a motorcycle since (other than around the block). I've recovered remarkably well, but one never gets back to 100% after these things. To say nothing of the ever-present fear of crashing again and doing further (and perhaps irreversible) damage to my back...

Of course, I lack both the motivation and fitness of top-level athletes such as AdA, but I would be very pleasantly surprised if he got back on a MotoGP bike that quickly and was able to ride to the same level as he did before (and taking that IODA bike around the track at the pace he did was no mean feat).

As said above, here is to a full physical recovery for AdA and i hope he can grow old without the creaks, squeaks and discomfort that comes with broken bones.
More importantly, i hope he is able to mentally shake what was only ever described as a horrific crash and can get his speed and confidence back and be able to decide if he wants to go on rather than having it seem as though it was taken from him too soon.

Great news, haven't seen much of Alex for some tme, obviously these guys have to maintain minimum weight to try to remain competitive! He looks very gaunt.