Wish Valentino Rossi A Speedy Recovery Via Yamaha Racing

That Valentino Rossi's crash has had a huge impact on the millions of MotoGP fans who follow his exploits around the world needs no explanation. The huge outpouring of emotion at the Mugello MotoGP race showed that. For those fans who weren't at Mugello, and would like to pass on their best wishes to Valentino Rossi and wish him a speedy recovery, as well as send their wishes to Rossi's team, all of whom are equally hard hit by the crash, Yamaha Racing have opened a page on Facebook to give everyone an opportunity to do just that. So head on over to Facebook and send Rossi and all the guys at Yamaha a message, it will mean a lot to them. You can find the Facebook page here: http://www.facebook.com/yamaharacingcom?v=app_7146470109

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I'm expecting another video special from Yamaha on Rossi's injury and the impact/aftermath!


Dearest Valentino Rossi,

Greetinf from Malaysia, well my name is Prema and I am one of your biggest fan, I have been seing you race since a few years ago years ago and seen you win the world champion for the past 9 years. I remember you have a broken fingure and you still raced and come 3 for that particular year in the championship, well I know this time round it must very hard for you to have a nasty fall and also have a broken leg, I am really very sad that you cannot participate the coming races, the most important things for you right now to get a full rest and do not think of racing for this year as you would take sometime to get back on you feet, I will really miss not seing you race, my prayer is that you take care of yourself and get better soon. I know you and all you fans would like to see race once you are better as I am your biggest fan I would like to suggest that you a fully fit in order for you to race again. This game is very dangerous game and your life is more important than anything else for me and I am sure you would agree on this. So please do take care of yourself and rest well. I will send you a card later. I love you and hope you would take my advice. You studied and got a degree in Doctor so I hope you would know what is best for you. Hope to hear from you soon. My prayer and heart is with you always. You are very special to me.

Wish you all the best
With Love
Your Biggest Fan Form Malaysia