OnTheThrottle Video Interview: Ben Spies Talks Le Mans And Mugello

Once again, David Williams of the On The Throttle crew caught up with Monster Tech 3 Yamaha rider Ben Spies after the latest MotoGP round at Mugello in Italy. Spies talks to Williams about the Le Mans and Mugello races, about learning new tracks, about the difference between the older and the newer tracks, and about what goes into setting up a MotoGP bike for a race. As ever, an interesting interview and 30 minutes of a MotoGP fan's time extremely well spent.

Here's the video from OnTheThrottle.tv:

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how the Rossi injury and possibly filling his seat on the Fiat team question was not discussed. Tsk, tsk.

On a side note, Ben is so silky smooth and this guy understands what it means to be in GP. Gawd what an career this guy is gonna have. All the best to him in the future.......hopefully in Blue+White for a few races!

I think Ben is quite happy either way. Good possibility of riders getting a decent view of the Leo Vince tial pipe at Silverstone. Very much a level playing field for all and he's an extremely quick learner of a new track.
JB and others saying the pressure would get to him if he rode the vacant factory bike.
My guess is he would feel about as much pressure as Kenny Roberts did when he crossed the Atlantic to compete in 1978.