2016 Jerez MotoGP Race Result: An Exciting Boring Race

Twenty-seven laps of hot Spanish weather would prove to be a decent test for Michelin's tyres.

Valentino Rossi led into the first turn from Pole Position and dragged Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa with him. Andrea Dovizioso tried to get to the front on the first turn, but he was outside Lorenzo who would not relinquish his line, pushing Dovizioso back to sixth place.

Dani Pedrosa pushed past his Honda teammate Marc Marquez on the first lap as the front four riders started to break away. On the second lap, Marquez tried to pass Pedrosa on turn two but went wide trying. Jorge Lorenzo passed his teammate Valentino Rossi on turn three but Rossi immediately put his Yamaha back into the lead in turn four and that was the last time anyone got close to Rossi.

At the end of the second lap, Marc Marquez took a tight line under Dani Pedrosa and took the last podium spot before lap three started.

And that was it at the top. Valentino Rossi just dominated the race and drew out a tenth here and there with almost three seconds between him and Lorenzo halfway through the race. Lorenzo was hindered a little with Marquez nipping at his heels for half the race, trying to find a way past, but even once the clinical rider had dropped the tyke off, he could only manage to get to within two seconds of Rossi before he claimed his tyre lost grip, there was a visible line in the centre, and spun the rear under power on straights. Lorenzo would see a four second gap ahead of him and behind him at the end of the race until Rossi conceded a couple of seconds at the line with his celebrations.

Marc Marquez took a safe third, settling for the last podium place after a few scares, but his third was never in any danger as he also had four seconds of fresh air behind him. He maintains his lead in the title chase, seventeen points ahead of Lorenzo and twenty-four clear of Rossi.

Dani Pedrosa in fourth had to tend with the Suzuki of Aleix Espagaro but five laps from the end, Espagaro couldn't keep up the pace and started to fall backwards towards his teammate Maverick Vinales. Both Suzuki's finished ahead of Ducati, with Andrea Dovizioso pulling out with a tyre issue that had Eugene Laverty gesticulating at his rear as it smoked unusually. Laverty, however, finished the race in with place behind Andrea Iannone and Pol Espagaro.

Valentino Rossi ended the weekend with the gentleman's set, pole position, fastest lap and the race win, in what was utter domination from a rider who is nowhere near retirement.


Pos. Num. Rider Bike Gap
1 46 Valentino ROSSI Yamaha 45'28.834
2 99 Jorge LORENZO Yamaha +2.386
3 93 Marc MARQUEZ Honda +7.087
4 26 Dani PEDROSA Honda +10.351
5 41 Aleix ESPARGARO Suzuki +14.143
6 25 Maverick VIÑALES Suzuki +16.772
7 29 Andrea IANNONE Ducati +26.277
8 44 Pol ESPARGARO Yamaha +30.750
9 50 Eugene LAVERTY Ducati +32.325
10 8 Hector BARBERA Ducati +32.624
11 35 Cal CRUTCHLOW Honda +38.497
12 38 Bradley SMITH Yamaha +39.669
13 76 Loris BAZ Ducati +45.227
14 6 Stefan BRADL Aprilia +47.886
15 68 Yonny HERNANDEZ Ducati +47.988
16 51 Michele PIRRO Ducati +49.414
17 43 Jack MILLER Honda +49.513
18 53 Tito RABAT Honda +53.334
19 45 Scott REDDING Ducati +1'05.555
    Not Classified    
  4 Andrea DOVIZIOSO Ducati 18 Laps
  19 Alvaro BAUTISTA Aprilia 22 Laps


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Exciting is not the word. Great race by Rossi but unfortunately nothing much happened. Seems to be the case at Jerez every time, unless something happens at the last corner the race is usually decided after the first lap.

The championship has tightened up though.

A great performance by Rossi, and Lorenzo is taking the result badly. If I understand him, he is claiming a defective rear tire on his bike? And without that, he would have won by a large margin? Ha. He should concede that today just wasn't his day. 

You heard it right, he said he would have won by a large margin today... I saw little evidence across the weekend to give him that impression.

If you look at the analysis of times in FP4 (usually the best indication of race pace), Lorenzon was comfortable 3 or 4 tenths faster than Rossi and Marquez.  So he might have believed he had the race won.

I think it more likely that the hotter temperatures today rolled the dice for everyone.  In FP4, Lorenzo, Marquez and Rossi all posted several 1:39s.  No one went fast that 1:40 today.

Rossi claimed he didn't win in Argentina because there was something wrong with his second bike. I'm rather annoyed by people who want to decide what a rider should and shouldn't say.

Yes he did.  We also had available data to show the second bike package was not givng the same performance as the first.  

What has lorenzo got when hes claiming a potential win by a huge margin?


...with the only difference that in the first half of the race Vale proved he could fight for the victory. Can't see any analogy in yesterday's race.

We are not here to decide what they should say of course, but free to comment on their comments and share ours, so people can comment on our comments. ;-)


he never actually said the tire was defective, at least not in the interviews I saw. JL just said it was spinning a lot, even on the straight, so he couldn't use full throttle. But during the postrace press conference 46 said his tire was spinning as well, so it sounds like he just managed the bike/tire combination better. VR made the better start, rode defensively at first, rode back under JL's pass pretty easily, and that was all she wrote. He actually rode a fairly impressive race. This from a Lorenzo fan.

I agree that from the sounds of it Rossi and Lorenzo had the same tire problems today, and for whatever reason(s) Rossi was able to get his bike decisively across the line in 1st. 

I can imagine that Lorenzo was extremely frustrated not being able to use full power on the straights and felt like it was such a handicap that had it not been an issue he would have been unstoppable, so he said so.  As it turns out other bikes were having the same problem, so I wonder if he wishes he hadn't spoken those words so soon. 

Whatever the case, the best move when beaten, no matter the circumstance, is to give credit to the guy that beat you. Rossi had an undeniably good race today. 

Because Valentino never blames the 2nd bike, or the tire.  Or even better, already pre-emptively stating how improved the Ducati is from when he rode it. literally setting the stage for downsizing any future accomplishments by JL99 on the Duc.  I'm a huge Rossi fan, and was very happy about today, but people are passing judgement on Jorge for being straight and honest because why? He doesn't smile as much?  2015 was already stained with complainers of completely false un-truths.  Let's not be complete fanboys, shall we?

Good to see Rossi won this race. It's rare to see a non-Spaniard winning a Spanish race since Stoner retired. Aside of that, the race is goddamn boring.

Rossi's won at Jerez 7 times in the top class. Lorenzo has won 3 times, Pedrosa twice, and Marquez once. Even without Stoner's 1 victory here, Rossi's won more times than the Spanish Aliens combined.

If you look over the history at Jerez, Spanish riders haven't won that many races (comparatively). They've won 5 of the last 7, but aparat from that, it's actually pretty rare for them to win there.



That was also audible in the traction control: where the older Ducatis were using a lot of ignition cuts, the Yamahas were just cutting one or two cylinders. The result: a much smoother power delivery. John pointed to Valentino Rossi through that section. "Rossi is really looking after his tire there, where others are spinning the rear." Would that help in the race? "It's got to be a factor. That's experience for you."

I call these "races with suspense but no excitement". OK, it got interesting when Lorenzo started to gain on Rossi for a brief period and there was always the worry that one of the top three riders might make a (very rare) mistake or suffer a (very rare) mechanical issue. But once the race was over one could immediately file it in the "probably not going to watch that one ever again" department. Impressive ride from Rossi, though.

Jerez has always been a bogey circuit for them.

However, one would have expected something better this time around irrespective of rider. Iannone lucked out and Dovi bombed out again, yet again, through no fault of his. 

The strakes are so bloody ugly on all the bikes, I hope they are banned with immediate effect if only for aesthetic reasons. They are so girly(No offence to feminists mind you). According to commentary on BT Sport they are to be shelved for 2017.

No fan of Rossi, but kudo's to him, it was a sublime performance on his part. Lorenzo and Marquez were totally outgunned. Ducati may have to revisit 14.2 merits without aero given Barbera and Laverty performances.

Finally, a shout out to Aprilia. That out fit is making more strides as a fledgeling than Ducati are as an established powerhouse within the gang of three sans Suzuki who are doing a great job. 

Vinales hype? 

I look forward to the comments and roundup.

Racing is back in Europe.

I think any tires I was riding on whilst my 37 year old team-mate ran away with the race I would call defective too!

That was indeed boring and exciting at the same time, but mainly exciting as far as I'm concerned! What a race by Rossi, as if we've gone back in time almost a decade... He looked very much in control of this one, and hungry for that matter. Even in the celebration lap he seemed like his younger self again. A wonderful sight.

And brilliant of course that he pulls a 'Lorenzo' in Spain of all places, taking the lead at the start and then pulling away... (OK, after a - very short lasting - overtake by Lorenzo.) I am curious to see if this is his true form; he was optimistic in the previous race as well, even after crashing out, so I don't think it's a fluke. This may become a very exciting season again! 

he could only manage to get to within two seconds of Rossi before he claimed his tyre lost grip, there was a visible line in the centre, and spun the rear under power on straights.

Vr had the same problems today even more then in fp.

Nice and dominant win today credit's for the old fox

Both Lorenzo and Rossi mentioned the rear spinning while going down the straight .

could this be the result of too much downforce on the front tire due to winglets? Would the cure be winglets on the rear ??

Interesting times ahead..


When Michelin desided that they were bringing in a stiffer construction rear tyre Rossi was vocal about putting the blame on Ducati. He said that Ducati must fix their bikes ( and make the riders lighter lol ). After they got the tires and Rossi found out that they might be playing into his hands ( like some of the Bridgestones played into Lorensos hands last year ) he now say that its ok with the new construction on a safety matter....  yeah....  I would also say that :):)

started making excuses? - "Going through the gears the bike didn‘t stop spinning and I couldn‘t fully open the throttle".

From what 93 & 46 said in the press conference, they all had the same thing. 46 dealt with it better or made the tyre last longer.

In Q2 he came into the pits pointing at his visor, (again), and changed helmets. Then said he had problems with the rear tyre so he couldnt make pole.

Not to take anything away from Rossi, but he did seem to have some good luck. I'm a huge VR46 fan and very happy he won, but even with his qualifying speed, the reality is that the race could have gone a number of ways. Dovi, on the other hand ... what did he do to deserve this? And though it's still early, the Ducati threat seems to be fading. If JL99 turns it around next year, there will be happy fans around the world, and also happy execs in Wolfsburg and Bologna, plus wherever Philip Morris is headquartered. 

Yes, too much Vinales hype. He does not seem that 'special' to these eyes the last two races.

My persoal opinion is.......that Dovizioso is the one that is staying with Ducati, not Iannone and Iannone knows it already, hence his performance lately. Just a guess and nothing more.

Best race and rider of the weekend...... Moto3 and Brad Binder of course. Outstanding ride and race craft. A race to remember.

And Sam Lowes ani't no slouch in Moto2.

Huge but consistent gaps in the finishing times between every team mate & also each manufacturer reinforce the view that the Michelins & the heat proved the divisive & decisive factors. Several riders muttered darkly about variable tyre quality in qualifying & Dovi who was most prescient on Saturday ironically suffered the most with his retirement. But Rossi & his crew proved you can counter the tyre lottery with clever set up. They were clearly on the best speed vs wear compromise trajectory & Lorenzo & Marquez could only suck it up. The wily old fox will surely use his superior experience of Michelins & racecraft to pull another advantage again this season. The next wet race for instance will be very interesting.

I read that Dovi had a water leak from his water pump. 

Do you have a source?  The spinning tire issue (or any other tire issue) seems odd in Dovi's case because it looked like even as he slowed down and pulled to the side of the track there was smoke or steam rising from the back of his bike.  A water pump issue is a more plausible explanation to me than a tire that is still smoking when almost at a stop. 

Giovanni Zamagni from moto.it reporting from the track said that during his short wrap-up after the race. I believe he met some of the Ducati guys.

edit: actually Dovi himself said that. Water was leaking onto his rear tyre and was very close to crash a few times...

Whenever I see people complain of a boring race I think about my view of people who think that Formula 1 is boring now. F1 has almost always been how it is now with very, very rare exceptions. Those people just aren't fans of F1 because they have a fundamental misunderstanding of what that sport actually is on a regular basis. 


Was today's race a classic, great or even good? Not particularly from an actual racing perspective but that happens sometimes. Truly great races are uncommon and really good races are quite frequent in MotoGP. More so than any other racing series. Sometimes the races are straight forward but as a fan most of us understand this completely well. 


As as a huge fan of MotoGP the sport, even at its worst, is never boring. 

It seems like Dovi had a water pump fail on him.

Spies might have been out of the championship for what seems a long time, but it seems his luck is still afoot, as this is very reminiscent of his 2012 championship.

I'm a bit puzzled by the top speed of JL vs VR:


JL was almost always faster at the speed trap (only in lap 20 VR is faster). It's clear that most of the riders had spinning problems at the rear when on the straight, but maybe the central band of the rear wasn't the only issue with the majorcan?

Before they covered the tyres it seemed to me JL's rear was quite worn on the sides as well, but I couldn't see VR rear. Anyone had the chance to make a quick comparison?

The comments pre and post race from riders have to be filtered and separated into "truthful", "nearly truthful.. with the intent of misleading or misinformation" and... How shall we say...... "BS intended to create niggle" the last usually aimed at your Italian / Spanish team mate. 

I think we got to see all of those from 46 and 99. LOL it truly is soap opera for grown men and women. You could title it "Days of our knives" for all the cutting comments. 

Can't wait for Le Man's

Brad Binder......... Legendary ride!!!!!!!! 

of fans, observers and indeed even insiders have been calling for increased tyre degradation and less electronic interference to aid with this during the race for many years now, placing the onus back on the rider to manage the race and hopefully adding some excitement. I for one am very happy to hear that the riders are struggling with the tyres-this for me adds a key skill set to the race result and dare I say it really gives us a good indication of the true pecking order-and not surprising so far this is very similar.

Unfortunately we didn't get the full on excitement here, but what we are seeing is serious tyre wear and potentially very little in the way of adaptive electronics to sort any of those issues. Despite this the times at the top were quite consistent and the top four were all on the same rubber combination. Of note to me also is the increase in fuel limit and how this is possibly affecting things now we are back in Europe-particularly with Marquez running out of fuel on the cool down lap which is odd, too much spinning of the rear maybe?

Rossi was the best today, simple. Lorenzo didn't have an answer, and certainly made himself look more than a little silly post-race with the now very customary excuse(s) when Rossi beats him to the win (circa 2015), I'm sure all riders believe they can win everytime if they only had this or that. Maybe Jorge is now a little more nervous about the bike jump next season, Ducati showing here that they are still as far off the pace as they were when Rossi rode the Desmo-oh well there is plenty of comfort in that Paycheck! 

Suzuki impressive, as was Aleix.

I started riding motorcycles over 35 years ago, and I have never once wished for my tires to wear out faster, nor have I ever heard any rider wishing that they could buy tires that fall apart faster.

We don't mind trading some wear for better grip, but it's because we want more grip, not because we want less tire life.  Racing is supposed to improved the breed.  We need tire manufacturers to improve grip and improve tread life.

is not the same thng as having tires that do wear out. Tire wear and how a rider and team deals with it brings another aspect to racing. Generally one that cannot be dealt with by computations and electronics. Experience, feel, ability and strategy are needed to deal with tire wear as well as tire choice. This is an aspect that goes missing far too often in todays race world, be it two or four wheels. It is indeed good to see the need for tire management in the series, as in all racing series...Factory money and youthful vigor are meager sustenance for a race fan...Racecraft makes great racing. Tire wear requires it and we get to enjoy it....