Saturday, Silverstone, Scott Jones' Photo Bonanza

Yamaha still can't find anyone to ride Rossi's bike

Dirty Leathers: Andrea Dovizioso had a big off, and no time to clean his leathers on Saturday

Full marks for effort: Randy de Puniet is on a mission at Silverstone

Ben Spies still has a fractured ankle from his crash at Le Mans

Fortune favors the brave. Or even the foolish.

Normal service has been resumed for Jorge Lorenzo

Claudio Corti scored a pole in the Moto2 class ...

... with his Forward Racing teammate Jules Cluzel alongside him

Bradley Smith really, really wants to win his home Grand Prix

A typical June day in England: cold, cloudy, and full of good cheer

Can Dani Pedrosa stay with Jorge Lorenzo on Sunday? Dani Pedrosa thinks so.

Colombian rider Yonny Hernandez. Remember that name.

Marc Marquez. A name you have already remembered

The Pramac Twins: Struggling At Silverstone

The measure of how hard Scott Redding was trying was the number of laps that were canceled, for running wide at turn 5.

One hot #19. Xavier Simeon has been impressive for the Holiday Gym team

A not so hot #19: Alvaro Bautista still has cracked ribs and a banged up shoulder

Casey Stoner is still searching for his mojo. Very, very carefully.

The Suter is much easier for Julian Simon to ride

Derbi, Derbi. Pol Espargaro leads Efren Vazquez

Nico Terol, the other fast 125 guy

The sun ain't gonna shine any more.

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You see what an extra day of track time had done for Randy.
To cut costs and save teams money and get more more value for the people at the track to sell more tickets, they could let the riders have thursday track time on Stock road bike with race glass ( like Randy did on the CBR1000)

The new guys get more track time, to learn tracks,
The old guys can see how the bumps have changed and surface changes
Every one loves it when there stars are out on the latest road bikes, they would sell more.
Or it would be a great way to have the best test new bikes or develop 800cc road bikes
Come on Dorna. lets have it. then riders would complain less about track time. and Suzuki would be faster on the GSXR too.

Looks like the Jack and Jones team and BQR Blusens are running new aero packages this weekend. It looks like the aero rules must have some kind of provision about minimum forward measurements relative to the front axle b/c a lot of people are leaving the air intake exposed just like Tech 3 did at the beginning of the season.

Of a thursday road bike track day - when hell freezes I am sure but it would be so good...