Luis Salom Has Died

Luis Salom has succumbed to injuries sustained in a crash at the Montmeló circuit in Barcelona. Although the crash was not caught on film, witnesses report that Salom tried to save a highside at Turn 12, which left him heading straight for the air fence. Salom reportedly parted from his bike and hit the air fence, but the bike rebounded off the air fence and hit Salom in the chest. (Edit: CCTV footage of the crash is available on the website.)

The session was immediately red-flagged, and Salom was given emergency medical assistance at track side. The medical helicopter was flown out to the corner where Salom was being treated, but in the end, the decision was taken to transport Salom by ambulance to the Hospital General de Catalunya. He was given treatment there, but died from his injuries at 4:55pm.

Below is the official statement from the FIM, Dorna, IRTA, the Spanish Federation RFME, and the Barcelona circuit:

Statement - Luis Salom

Following an incident during today’s Moto2 Free Practice 2 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, it is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Luis Salom (SAG Team).

The session was red flagged with just under 25 minutes remaining after the Spanish rider fell at turn 12.

Two medical cars and then two ambulances were immediately on scene to treat the 24-year-old and the medical helicopter was also deployed to assist in his treatment.

Due the severity of his condition, the decision was taken to transfer Salom by road to the nearby Hospital General de Catalunya. On arrival, he underwent surgery, but despite the best efforts of the trauma team, he passed away at 1655pm local time.

Salom made his World Championship debut at Jerez in 2009 in the 125cc category. He finished on the podium in 25 races, including nine victories in the Moto3 World Championship. He finished the 2012 Moto3 World Championship in second position in the standings and a year later was third overall after battling with Maverick Vinales and Alex Rins down to the final round in Valencia.

He also finished on the podium three times in 41 appearances in the Moto2 World Championship, including a second place pace in the opening round of 2016 at the Losail International Circuit in Qatar.

The FIM, Dorna, IRTA, RFME and the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya wishes to pass on its condolences to the family, friends and team of Salom.


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How sad to hear this news. Although he never really shone brightly in moto2 he had an excellent career in moto3 narrowly missing out on the World Championship and being involved in some tremendously exciting races. Huge condolences to his friends and family.


Very sad news indeed. Rest in Peace.

Very sad news. RIP Luis, and condolonces to your family and friends.

How I wish that I read it wrong and this wasn't true. Thoughts with his family. Thoughts with everyone in the paddock.

A dreadfully sad day for the sport. Danger always lurks within Motorcycling, but it's always a surprise when it happens, especially in a Practice session, even more of a rarity. Deseperately unlucky incident. It seems to be a problematic corner for accidents.

F1 stopped using the right hander after 2006 because of a lack of run off and ended up using that tight chicane layout instead. Will we see the same situation happening in MotoGP? Who knows. But they may need to find a way of increasing the run off.

Such a sad end to what was looking like a promising career for Luis at one stage. I'll always remember his debut podium at Assen back in 2011 on the 125. The speed was always there, but the results took a little while. Once he got that podium, it really sent him on his way. Turned into a great competitor over the next few season.

Obviously 2013 is his standout year where he won many races and fought hard for the Moto3 title alongside Vinales and Rins. Unfortunately two crashes in the final two races cost him his best chances of the title. It seemed he was never quite able to replicate that form after that season. Though we did see promises of it in his debut Moto2 season in 2014 with a superb podium at Argentina.

I hope all the riders unite together in these difficult times and put any differences aside. The riders deserve our respect for putting their lives on risk week in week out.


crash was caught on film(security footage) on youtube now he lost it quite early in the turn 12 and his bike hit him after he hit the wall

Looks to me like his bike is ahead and air fence does its job but he follows at very high speed and hits his bike instead of air fence.

This can happen. Friend Kevin McD had what you were describing end his racing. He was lucky, a small undulation bumped his hurtling bike up just enough that it cleared him, hit the wall, and came to rest atop him. I joined him in his pit and he was pasty white. Shock.

I quit after a big accident changed everything. Others double down their bet and get even more committed. I admire it.

We have to do a good enough job of making things safe. And risk remains.

That's awful news. For everybody :(

And now they're going to use the stupid F1 chicane too because people lose their heads in these terrible situations.

atleast you're focusing on whats important

A dangerous sport we watch.   I hope the family can remember their rider as a great athlete.   Much respect to the remaining riders in the field continuing the sport we love

I saw Luis at a pre event in Assen a couple of years ago, when he was riding for Molenaar Racing. A timid, softly spoken guy, ambitious and determined with a great future ahead of him. We all know the risks involved in our beloved sport, but it hits so hard when you have actually seen a glimpse of someone's personality. Sincere condolences for his family and friends.

My condolences to the family friends. What a sad sad news..... :-(

I shed a tear and send heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Thanks for the memories. RIP.


Let's pause for a moment and let this touch us.

Sorrows do not tend to be experienced as individual separate things, but rather as the ocean of loss. It can soften us, open us, when we allow it. And then what?

Appreciation. Salom. Motorcycle racers. Racing. All of life. Getting to be here.

It makes some sense that dying well follows living well, as we would have little regret. Perhaps the inverse, while difficult to grasp, is more compelling. That living well follows dying well in that with an appreciation of mortality and "not being" comes an appreciation of how rare this human life is. That it does indeed end. That we never know when it will. And as such even the ordinary is extraordinary.

We can be awakened to an essential goodness inlaid within the fabric of our experience. Barriers to it we have can melt away, right here with a bit of sadness. Open heartedness, presence. With self doubt can come real confidence. With fear can come unparalleled courage.

Not despite our struggling, but with it, let's roll that throttle back on and reach through the corners. Grounded stable chassis AND wide open expanse of the possible with engine on song.

Sad to hear this.  It seems to become a bit more frequent as the bikes get faster.  It looks to me that this is the only corner on the track which doesn't have a gravel trap, which would, I think, have stopped the bike before the worst happened.  Unlucky indeed.

Sad sad news. He really deserved the moto3 title in 2013 IMHO. Didn't make an immediate impact in moto2, but I always felt there was more to come yet. Like Zarco's career path.

Such a shame :-(

A very sad day. And a dramatic reminder of the high risk, and of how dangerous this sport (still) is, no matter what.

These (young) men are like modern gladiators, with immense courage and passion to tackle such speeds in such heroic and, dare I say, elegant displays of near super-human skills.
This is a relevant part of what makes us admire them and the sport they live for. 
Their choice, their way of life.

The only thing one can use to comfort in these moments is to think that Luis Salom was doing what he enjoyed most and was best at, untill the very end.

R.I.P. Luis Salom.

My sincere condolences to his family, to his friends, and also to his team.


We met Luis and his mum about 5 years ago. He was a nice lad and very friendly, with a lot of talent. Whenever we passed them in the paddock since they would smile & say hello. Our thoughts are with his family and everyone in the paddock.

RIP Luis

Another great loss for the whole of motorsport, thoughts are with family and friends of Luis in these sad times :( He was a very nice guy with a lot of talent, even if it didn't always show since his move to Moto2, I always liked to see him ride and I was sure the future would've shown us more of him.

One thing I don't understand though is all the talk about the asphalt vs gravel in turn 12. The way I understand it is that asphalt gives a rider the chance to keep control over his bike while going off-track. People on 2 wheels losing control is not what I like to see happening, that's just another type of russian roulette.

From my personal (and limited) point of view, the big issue here is that in turn 12, there is not enough run-off area for the speed at which the riders go through the corner. Normally it's not necessary to have more but as we all know, freak accidents like this do happen. Without changing the track like they did, it's just not possible to create more space because you have the grandstands and right behind them there's a road.
I hope the safety commission will have a look at other tracks as well, Catalunya isn't the only track that has this problem. That being said, I do believe this IS a freak accident. If Luis wouldn't have made contact with his bike at the place of impact and just hit the air fence, the situation might have been a whole lot different. This is motorcycle racing, people are not sitting in a monocoque on a bike so whatever safety measures they put in place, as long as rider and bike are separable, these things will sadly continue to happen. I just hope that the future has a lot less funerals than we've seen in recent years :(

I understand that the asphalt run of was not the best solution on that place, on gravel the bike would have started tumbling and decenerate rather than embed itself in the airfence exactly where Luis was sliding too. I don't see any other reason.