Yamaha Confirm Broken Tibia And Fibula For Valentino Rossi

Yamaha have confirmed that Valentino Rossi has broken his right leg in a training accident. The Italian suffered a displaced fracture of both the tibia and fibula of his right leg. This is the same leg Rossi broke at Mugello in 2010.

Rossi is to undergo surgery as soon as possible. The normal procedure for displaced fractures of the tibia and fibula is to insert either a metal pin or a metal plate to fix the bone in place. 

The normal recovery period for a displaced tib/fib fracture is 12 weeks to full load bearing. However, a general rule of thumb for motorcycle racers is they attempt to be fit enough to race in half that time. A six week recovery period would mean Rossi missing Misano and Aragon, with a small possibility of making a return at the flyaways, starting in Motegi. 

All that is still unknown, however. A new medical update will be issued tomorrow morning, once surgery has been done, and we should know more after that.

Below is the press release from the Movistar Yamaha team:

VR46 MEDICAL UPDATE, 01-09-17 - 00:10

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP‘s Valentino Rossi sustained displaced fractures of the tibia and fibula of his right leg, following an enduro incident on Thursday evening, August 31st.

Following an enduro training accident on Thursday, August 31st, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP star Valentino Rossi was diagnosed with displaced fractures of the tibia and fibula of his right leg.

The 38-year-old Italian rider will undergo surgery as soon as possible.

A further medical bulletin will be issued later on Friday morning, Sept 1st.


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I hope you mean it's 2017 done for Rossi, otherwise that's a huge insult for the 4 other riders who are still in with a chance at the 2017 title.

I know he's like a god to many, but he's still made of meat.  In terms of staying in the championship, you'd have to say that the MOST optimistic option would be to return for Aragon, which would be 22 days.  I'm no doctor but I'd say even with the best medical care/technology available that's pretty much impossible.

Someone said it was 40 days recovery on the last break, 40 days would make it Oct 10, so he'd miss Misano and Aragon but be back for Motegi.  However coming back for Motegi would mean he'd have to do the three most guelling flyaway races (Motegi, Phillip Island, Sepang) on consecutive weekends - not an easy comeback to say the least.

The stage of the season and his position makes a big difference here.  If it was early in the season then there's a big incentive to push hard to come back, but now with only 6 races left, trailing by 20-something points already, and likely to miss at least 2 further races... where is the sense in pushing it?  The tightness of this season also comes into it, if it was only one rider way out front in points, then that rider could also possibly fall victim to circumstance.  But with 3 riders close in points and leading him in the title, the liklihood of all 3 not scoring in multiple races is pretty remote.

I'd say if Dovi, Marquez and Vinales continue to rack up major points and he falls out of realistic contention for the title, then the most sensible thing with a view to building for 2018 would be to come back only at Valencia.  But these guys are anything but sensible, which is why we love 'em eh?

MV won't have his team mate taking points so he is roughly in the same boat as MM and AD.

It seems to me that most of the `training ` accidents that happen to the GP riders are the direct result of pushing too hard in an unforgiving environment ,loose dirt.Just because these guys have unbelievable tar skills does not automatically make them competant exponents in the dirt.The factories must be getting pretty sick of all these `training accidents` by now.

To state the obvious, he rides for Yamaha, WSBK and MotoGP do not conflict for dates other than October 20-22 (by which time Rossi could be back), and has ridden Misano and Aragón in WSBK and WSS.

Unless Yamaha wants to go with Alex Lowes again as a substitute.  Anyone else would be coming out of left field.

As a really wild idea, isn't Ben Spies now fit to race again?

If they're going to put someone on his bike in the interim, Nakasuga should be the guy. 

Unless... and this makes no logical sense, they wrap it up in Tech3 livery and have Jonas or Johann ride it. wink

Hmm, I guess my trip to the Misano GP all the way from the US will be a lot less exciting now. Watching an Italian GP on the tube without Rossi participating is bizarre enough as it is, actually being there will truly be a sad sight indeed.

I guess all the Italians will be fully behind Dovi now then. That should be good..
Have fun  :O)

Rossi was clearly in the hunt for the title with particularly the flyaway rounds and Misano being targets for him. It is what it is. I reckon he will do some fitness tests post Aragon and compete at the flyaways starting at Motegi subject to medical clearance from the team including. Sure it will be tough. He may not be in contention for the title right now but he can influence it with a warm up at Motegi, a PI lunge and a Sepang demolition derby like 2015. Excuse me. If he is fit to ride the flyaways, he will upset the applecart. Old scorpion and frog story, its his nature. Title chase is clearly now down to four. Vinales needs to exploit this as a matter of urgency at Misano with a win. Taks will undoubtedly take Rossi's place at Misano and Aragon. I reckon many teams figured Rossi would interupt Vinales' momentum. That's out the window title wise. Yamaha have to dumb down Tech 3 for 2 rounds. HRC have to throw Crutchlow into a Vinales soup while the Repsol's escape. By the same token given this news, Ducati have a resurgent Lorenzo, determined Petrux and Dovi in the mix on works bikes, thus far uninjured. Sort of reminds me of 2012. until Indy/Casey setback. Three HRC  factory bikes. Stoner,Dovi,Dani. I'm not about to play prophet here but the tripwire is on the cards for a huge Valenicia, not a Valentino finale 2017.