After Misano Test, Rossi Still Seriously Considering Racing At Sachsenring

After Valentino Rossi completed 26 laps of Misano on Wednesday afternoon, to test his fitness after crashing heavily and breaking a tibia at Mugello just over a month ago, the Fiat Yamaha team issued the long-awaited press release reporting the results of that test. Rossi's times were relatively encouraging: a 1'38.2 (though the Italian press is reporting it was a 1'39.3) is not too far off of competitive World Superbike pace. Cal Crutchlow's lap record at Misano - set on exactly the same Yamaha YZF-R1, though with Bridgestone tires rather than Pirellis - was 1'36.546, while the MotoGP lap record, held by Rossi himself, is 1'34.746.

What is clear from the press release is that Rossi feels he is close to the pace, but is still uncertain as to how his leg will hold up under race conditions. What is also clear is that the Italian is utterly determined to race if at all possible. Here's the press release from the Fiat Yamaha team:


Fiat Yamaha Team rider Valentino Rossi today rode a motorcycle for the first time since breaking his right leg at Mugello on 5th June. He rode a total of 26 laps at Misano on a YZF-R1 WSB machine, provided by the Yamaha World Superbike Team, and recorded a best time of 1'38.200.

Rossi did an initial run of 11 laps at 18.30 CET with a best time of 1'41.000, then a second run of 15 laps at 19.45 CET with a best time of 1'38.200 (unofficial times).

The reigning World Champion was able to ride well but he had some pain in his leg and his shoulder. He will now continue with an updated rehabilitation programme and make a decision within the next week as to whether he will ride at the German Grand Prix at Sachsenring, in ten days time.

"We made this test in order to understand how we must work from here and to see more or less how I can ride the bike," said Rossi. "The test was positive, because I can at least ride, but there is a lot more to a MotoGP race than to a test like this one. I had some pain in the ankle, the knee and the shoulder, but above all I lacked strength in the shoulder and a bit of movement in the ankle. I would really like to come back at Sachsenring, but it is still too early to say. We still have twelve days and we must wait and see how much we can improve my condition in the next few days. The Superbike today was good and great fun to ride! I really would like to ride at Sachsenring, but we must wait another week before making a decision."

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I still can't believe VR would rush back and not take the time to heal completely. The risks are very high unless he plans on just being a back marker. He must still think he has an outside chance at the championship or else why take the risk? Especially if it's his last season on the Yamaha...

Though even riding around with a broken he's still faster than I'll ever be. :-(

I'd like to see him back as soon as he feels good enough to do it.
Wow, I had a compound fracture of the same type a long time ago and after a month I was still very laid up on the couch. But I did not have any pins or screws inserted at all. The cast was on for a full 6 months. they cut the top half of the cast off at my knee after 3 months.

I don't know, I mean if Rossi is just going crazy cause he's not racing thats one thing but if its like all the conspiracy people are saying (pressure from TV rating, sponsors) thats a damn shame. If that is the cause and they want to rush him back out there they should think about what it will be like if he completely ruins the leg! What would that do to their bottom line? Whatever the case I think its way too early to come back (what the hell do I know). Wait it out, Germany is a very fast and technical track with a lot of high speed turns (kinda like Mugello only shorter). What if it rains? If it rains he should definitely sit out. Not to mention Leguna follows right after. We've all seen what the corkscrew can do to riders, how tight the track can get and all the close walls.
Then again I don't think these riders are where they are because they're overly cautious like me.

Cal wouldn't be using 'stones...right? So, are you saying Vale used Bridgestones for this test? (That too, would seem an odd choice for a machine sorted for Pirelli tires)

Rossi is contractually obliged to use Bridgestones, just as Crutchlow is obliged to use Pirellis. Not very difficult to put the R1 on Bridgestones, and for a test like this, just seeing where Rossi's fitness is at, not very important that the bike is sorted 100%. 

Ahh...Contracts :-) Makes his times all the more impressive (not that we'd expect anything less from an Alien...)

Anyone Notice that there has been absolutely no news about Ducati / Rossi yesterday and today? I wonder if he's really Not comtemplating a too early move to come back (IMHO)? But wanted to ride not just to ride - But to change the subject for a while? Crazy? Perhaps, Either way it's working.....

Can't imagine he'll race - this is probably just more classic VR spin. Bless him, it's one of the reasons we love him - he can suck the air out of a room.

If he does, it's because he wants it that badly. He's bigger than any contractual obligation. His sponsors are just along for the ride surely. Would you want to make him do something he didn't want to?

Personally I do hope he races, and I wouldn't put it past him to have Burgess set him up with a 'gimpy leg special' M1 that needs less leg input.
Imagine just for a second if he raced Sachs and won...

Like I said, I don't think he will. But just imagine.

He didn't just 'break his tibia' -- he suffered a nasty compound fracture of the tibia. And the surgeon who treated him said it was the worst such fracture he had ever seen -- which, I imagine, is saying something given his doubtless long experience.

Breaking a large bone is a very serious injury in any adult because bones heal much more slowly and less completely than in children (whose bones are actively growing). This is why metal supports are very often used -- screws, rods, etc. Proper healing time is especially important for weight bearing bones like the tibia.

If re-broken, more surgery is usually necessary, meaning full healing is further delayed. Infection is always a potential complication, and enduring infections are not unheard of. Amputation is always there as a last resort if things do not go well.

so whats the deal with his shoulder? all this time off and its still not healing. that doesnt sound so good.
rossi is a master of pr, even when he's not racing he's still managed to grab more headlines than the rest of the field. even if he's losing a bit of speed compared to the new breed he's still the master of the circus

I'm member of and they release a video over 3 minutes
about the misano test, and hey, that's no fun, he is realy working hard,
sliding, using the whole curbs.

I'm realy impressed by Valentino, he is eager to disturb Lorenzo at the
end of the season, if he is fully fit.

Vale is a legend

If I was Valentino and I was watching Jorge win as consistently as he is, I would be worried he was going to win more races in a season(previous seasons) than I did on a bike I developed, not to mention Imitating Rossi at the end of the races (Imitation is flattering, but not when its your rival, its insulting). Rossi wants to break Jorge...I would, wouldn't you. That being said I hope Rossi doesn't do further damage to his body in the process. Also Dorna doesn't pressure Rossi, Rossi pressures Dorna. GET 'EM ROSSI!

Vale has been living in a hyperbaric chamber. Best medical team in the world I have to believe, and as it seems a ridiculously positive attitude. He's gonna heal alot faster then us mortals.

Alot of riders have ridden broke. Look at Doohan, and done plenny good.

Also Jorge hasnt won shvt yet as a title. One bad shunt and the game changes. I dont know what Rossi is up too but its great theatre!

Thanks for all the updates David!