Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 83: All Aboard The Outrage Bus

There was an awful lot for the Paddock Pass Podcast crew to talk about after the Misano round of MotoGP, most of it having very little to do with the racing itself. In the latest episode, Neil Morrison and David Emmett join Steve English to mull over the fallout of the Misano weekend.

We start off, as you might expect, with Romano Fenati. The boys talk over what Fenati did, and the repercussions he has suffered as a result. Steve, Neil, and David attempt to put the penalty in some kind of context, and ask whether he punishment fitted the crime.

After a long discussion, Steve, Neil, and David turn their attention to the actual racing. We discuss Ducati's dominance, and ask whether the Desmosedici GP18 is now indisputably the best bike on the grid. We have some words for Marc Marquez and Cal Crutchlow on the Honda, as well as discussing the fate of the Yamahas.

To finish off, we have a new segment, MotoGP Monologues, where Neil and David take turns to give their opinions on a subject within the space of 60 seconds. And we end as usual with our winners and losers from the weekend.

Enjoy the show!

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Great podcast, thanks guys for doing these.  I remmeber back in the WSBK days of the late 90’s and early 2000’s Speedvision had a recap show with interviews and commentary that would air Wed/Thurs nights after a race weekend.  The podcasts remind me of these.  Maybe one day you guys will have the funds to do video with mics a la Rogan on YouTube, or a video chat.  

folks, some of you want let Fenati off easy - "2 race ban is heavy", "he just tapped Manzi's brakes, no harm", "He's lost the rest of the season..".

bollocks!  you want me to believe that Fenati was so in control of himself that he could gauge exactly how little to tap Manzi's brakes, while being so far out of control as to do it in the first place.  Instead I believe that it was pure luck the twitch of handlebars took the brake lever away from Fenati & Manzi was able to not crash.   Had Manzi crashed, hospitalized or worse, would you feel any differently?    Neil, would you re-think your comments ?   Should the 'punishment' be based on the outcome of a lucky throw?  or on the homicidal intent that was unsuccessfully carried out?

This was not his first blind anger, or his second.  he doesn't deserve a third.