Suzuki Ecstar 2019 MotoGP Bike Photo Gallery

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The Suzuki is looking a tad better relative to MotoGP bikes getting uglier of late. Livery for several is shite (A BLACK YAMAHA w a blue tank?! Petronas half black too? Ick!). The new Ducati, while a marvel of engineering, has the shape of something put together by an ambitious but unthoughtful adolescent. 

I don't have a favorite looking MotoGP bike anymore, rather a least un-favorite. 

P.S. hey Suzuki, get a dang title sponsor, will you? You are podiuming but have your own oil product on the side...but Motul in the motor? Come on already! 


That's some pretty hardcore high-res bike porn!

Glad I subscribed again.

Thanks for this.