Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 95: Steve And Gordo Talk WorldSBK In Thailand

With the latest round of WorldSBK behind us, it's time for another review of the Superbike series with WorldSBK commentator Steve English and the world's leading superbike guru Gordon Ritchie.

Steve and Gordo sat down on Sunday morning before the sprint race in Thailand to discuss the events of Saturday, and look ahead to the races on Sunday. It was, as ever, an enlightening conversation, covering a vast range of subjects around the WorldSBK paddock.

Steve and Gordo kick off with some insight into the events of race 1, and how Alvaro Bautista dominated Jonathan Rea. They talk about how the first two rounds of WorldSBK can be deceptive, because of the unusual nature and circumstances of the Phillip Island and Buriram circuits, and ponder what happens once the circus returns to Europe. And consequently, whether Alvaro Bautista can continue his domination of the series, at Aragon and Assen.

The boys then turn their attention to Chaz Davies, and why he is struggling while his teammate is ripping up the series on the Ducati Panigale V4R. They talk about the BMW, and the difficulties of getting a brand new bike up to speed thousands of miles from the office. They discuss the Yamahas, and how well the four YZF-R1Ms are doing this year. And they debate whether the arrival of Alvaro Bautista is forcing the other teams and riders to up their games again, as was the case in the past when MotoGP riders moved to the WorldSBK series.

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For some raisons, I don't like podcasts... But I like to read your articles (this is why I'm a subscriber)!

So, is there any possibility to have a transcript of this podcast?

Yes, I know it's a lot to ask but, if don't ask, you will never know...

Thanks. Regards.

I agree with alefebvre, i am much more apt to read than listen 

Oye, ya luddites!
Bring it out into the shop or w the lawnmower w headphones into your phone. Its a treat. Remember being read to? These things are WAY better audio, promise! Much more alive and dynamic.

These things are WAY better audio, promise! - I guess you didn't listen to ep.93 then?

Much more alive and dynamic. - Then again, perhaps you did. ;)

Please enjoy things your way and I'll enjoy them my way. You see, I am an individual not an adjunct of you so my tastes and preferences may differ from yours and still have validity. Thank you. 

A few people have asked about transcripts of the podcast. We could make that happen, but it would add a certain amount of expense to the podcast, so we could only really offer it to Patreon supports of the podcast. I'd have to talk to the others involved about sharing them with subscribers. We'll look into it, but no promises.