2019 Aragon World Superbike Race Two Result: 323.4kmh

With an air temperature of 13ºC and a track of 24ºC, tyres would have it a bit easier and the wind was in the right direction for high speeds down the straight.

Alvaro Bautista beat Jonathan Rea into the first turn as Rea's Kawasaki lifted the front wheel when the lights went out. As Bautista stretched out a lead from Rea, Chaz Davies, Alex Lowes, Tom Sykes and four other bikes in the leading group. On lap two, Davies passed Rea for second position as Bautista started rabbiting, setting the fastest lap as he did so. 

As Alvaro Bautista escaped, Chaz Davies, Jonathan Rea, Alex Lowes and Leon Haslam spent a few laps within six tenths of a second of each other with no changes until lap four when Haslam and Lowes swapped back and forth through turns two to five with Lowes defending fourth place, and a lap later Lowes squeezed past Rea into turn one to take third place. Rea looked for a few ways past Lowes but ended up having to defend fourth place from his teammate Leon Haslam.

On lap seven, Leon Haslam started snapping at Jonathan Rea, trying to pass him into turn one and showing him a wheel at various spots, letting Chaz Davies and Alex Lowes, six seconds behind Alvaro Bautista, put a gap between the fight for second and the fight for fourth. Rea and Haslam closed the gap a lap later, aided by Lowes trying to take second from Davies and after a couple more laps of close racing and Bautista putting another couple of seconds into the gap, Rea and Lowes started swapping places, with Rea holding third place in spite of going wide into turn twelve. 

The advantage Chaz Davies gained by the fighting behind him was eaten up a lap later and on lap twelve, nine seconds behind Bautista, Leon Haslam took fourth place from Alex Lowes into turning, being much less polite with Lowes than he was with his teammate the previous laps. 

A lap later, Leon Haslam passed Jonathan Rea for third place, with Rea fighting back immediately, but Haslam held his line and kept third place out of the first few corners. Over the next couple of laps, as Alvaro Bautista held a ten second lead, Haslam and Rea traded places a few times, but Haslam kept the advantage until lap sixteen.

With three laps left, Rea made his move, taking third place from his teammate into turn one, and latching on to Chaz Davies. The pair broke away, leaving Haslam over a second clear of Alex Lowes who was five seconds in front of Eugene Laverty's fight with Michael van Der Mark and Jordi Torres. 

On lap seventeen, ten seconds behind Alvaro Bautista, Jonathan Rea passed Chaz Davies into turn four only to have Davies take second place back a turn later. Their fighting allowed Leon Haslam to close up and the three of them went into the last lap glued together.

Entering the last lap, Chaz Davies missed a backshift in turn seventeen that unsettled his bike and he went wide into turn one as a result, giving Rea a clean way past, which he took. Leon Haslam was unable to follow his teammate, and the three bike group were once again one. Jonathan Rea held second place throughout the lap with Chaz Davies within a quarter of a second most of the time. Leon Haslam couldn't keep up and finished almost half a second behind Davies.

Bautista blasted his Ducati Panigale V4 down the straight at 321.4kmh, a speed that was matched by Chaz Davies and Leon Haslam's Kawasaki. Michael Ruben Rinaldi beat them with a 322.4kmh on his Ducati on his run through the speed trap, but Eugene Laverty later set a 323.4kmh, second only to Davies's 324.3 in this morning's sprint race. 

Alvaro Bautista showboated along the straight, reducing his victory to one of just seven seconds. Alvaro Bautista won again, again ahead of Jonathan Rea again, again, with Chaz Davies in third place again. Bautista has now won more opening races than anyone else and leads the championship by thirty nine points. Jonathan Rea's consistent second places keeps him increasing his lead over Alex Lowes in third place. 


Pos No. Rider Bike Gap
1 19 A. BAUTISTA Ducati Panigale V4 R  
2 1 J. REA Kawasaki ZX-10RR 6.867
3 7 C. DAVIES Ducati Panigale V4 R 7.127
4 91 L. HASLAM Kawasaki ZX-10RR 7.581
5 22 A. LOWES Yamaha YZF R1 11.549
6 50 E. LAVERTY Ducati Panigale V4 R 16.797
7 81 J. TORRES Kawasaki ZX-10RR 17.825
8 60 M. VAN DER MARK Yamaha YZF R1 18.788
9 21 M. RINALDI Ducati Panigale V4 R 19.329
10 11 S. CORTESE Yamaha YZF R1 20.351
11 33 M. MELANDRI Yamaha YZF R1 23.546
12 66 T. SYKES BMW S1000 RR 23.974
13 2 L. CAMIER Honda CBR1000RR 35.177
14 23 R. KIYONARI Honda CBR1000RR 1'01.477
15 28 M. REITERBERGER BMW S1000 RR 1'39.168
RET 52 A. DELBIANCO Honda CBR1000RR 10
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Rea wins the WSBKABD! (AllButDucati/AlvaroBeautistaDominance). What a fun race. What a novel feeling to support Rea in challenging Davies of all things?
Lowes - Yamaha R1! So beautiful this. Until closing stage (about 8 laps to go) where rear tire edge grip was taxed. Good motor this yr. GREAT riding Lowes. I may have to start wearing some pink.
Davies is "getting it" with his new bike. Still a bit more to come.
Haslam - looking really good.
Side note nod to bravery of Eugene Laverty - good run today after yesterday's brake loss/ditch bike at speed. After last year's nightmare here. Cool head, big balls.

Drag race to the FIRST corner was so clear about the Ducati engine. Rea had a perfect start and looked a bit better on braking and it just didn't matter. The Kawasaki is the best bike for tire management at the moment. On drive out Davies came back to Rea via some wheelspin. Sure is fun tonwatch slides, but he was slowing. Lowes' Yamaha's rear had dropped a bit earlier, lessening him getting around the apex. But until the tire drop? WOW that bike was handling GREAT! Why is there a single customer/privateer team running anything but Red, Green or Blue?

If we are going with this 250RPM chop every 3 rounds for Ducati, hmm. Negligible 250 down now, no change, Davies improves, Duc still sorting electronics, Beautista improves a bit on brakes. After round 6 down 500, may or may not start to show a tad less power but not much. After round 9, down 750 and it brings things a bit into order...for Davies, Sykes and Lowes. Round 12 --> 1000RPM chop, just in time to make things where rules could go to bring basic parity, just in time for Qatar. Next yr ditch these silly rules, and do a 15,500 rev limit? Or don't and wait for AllButDucati to make race bikes for production like Duc has? Beautista is GONE.

they don't go after this RPM reduction nonsense. Rules were there. Manufacturers went cheap. Ducati invested and produced a monster and Bautista is riding phenomenally to take advantage of said monster. Honda is on the other end of the spectrum. Let's not encourage manufacturers to be mediocre by adding these stupid Balance of Power rules. I hate BOP regs.

The Ducati still punches out more BHP at 1000 rpm lower revs than the rest. Gear it and refine the electronics to accomodate torque vs rpm and voila! Same result. Maybe even better for Chaz, Rinaldi and...'carefull with that axe Eugene'. Cut revs based on idiotic algorithm results based? Nuts. Alvaro is just doing the business...his job. Ducati are doing theirs within the ambit of the draconian rules that choked out their twins from SBK as competitive packages. Back in the early 80's in this country the 583cc Pantah had to compete against the 750cc Kwaks, Suzuki's etc. The 498cc Pantah had to compete against the Kawa GPZ 553 cc transverse 4. The Pantah's had a glorious year in '82 and creamed them anyway. Then the foolls allowed the the Yamaha RD 350cc to compete in the 553cc class. 3 HP to 2 HP.... 2 stroke vs 4 stroke ratio. The outcome was never in question. Pantah and GPZ 553 was destroyed. In my book, the powers that be stifled the twins in SBK. Theoretical energy output wise...4 cylinder vs 2 cylinder was always ... 4 stroke petro mechanics a 3 to 4 ratio. 750cc 4 vs 1000cc twin made a lot of 'swept volume' sense.

One can bemoan low down torque advantage, theorise tire consvervation by virtue of said, argue ad nauseum the demise of Ducati twins. Thing is Bautista's 9 x 9 is praiseworthy for sure. The bike is competitive, yet the algorithm for cutting revs actually suggests its not. Bautista, current is the difference rather than any rev limit. As a sidenote... The helmet. Scorpion helmet on # 19. He always used Suomy. Did I miss something. I like my Suomy #19 replica....Sponsors cueing up unlike they did when he was in GP I guess.

^ Preach it! Amen.

Last yr "Green Is The Color?" (What was up w Eugene's axe brakes Saturday? Ouch). Now "Point Me At The Sky and Let It Fly?" "Fearless?"

So if 4's go to 1000cc as market did, then twins to 1333. They did 1200 didn't they? I forget what the max displacement got to already. My passion of late is middleweight triples, so Moto2's major improvement is satisfying. Split those right in the middle, 3 to 3.5? 600cc 4cyl, 800cc twin, 700cc triple. (848 wasn't competitive though, 675 not so much either?). Maybe it should be even a tad more than 3 to 4 on displacement? The twins used to bring advantage re rideability and tire management over 4's that electronics now do. I think Triumph has a 765R Daytona arriving. The Duc middleweight is for now staying twin due to cost (as of end of 2018 anyway). Aprilia has a 660 twin done/made that is half of their gorgeous V4 they are debating production on. It would beat the snot out of all the existing "middleweight twins" (SV650, Ninja650, and Yamaha), light, amazing handling...perhaps even begin an all new catagory of motorcycles. How I would LOVE to see a triple in the SBK mix...at 3 to 3.6 - Yamaha and Triumph have platforms ready.
Interesting if we could see an innovation response from all-but-Duc. One can dream.

Either way, totally agree re this Duc just CREAMING everyone within the rules. Missing twins too, and also noting that with Duc going w a 4 their genius is now SO obvious.

And Beautista [I type these on my wee phone! Never mind the concussions. Lucky they aren't woerse. It even "autocorr3cts" mistakes that aren'teven there...electronics grr!]
(Hope he doesn't hit his head much w a Scorpion)