Editorial Note: Drama Causing A Brief Delay

The drama over this weekend - Jorge Lorenzo's flirtation with Ducati, and now Johann Zarco's precipitous split from KTM - together with travel plans post-race have caused a few logistical issues with producing the Subscriber Notes for the Austrian round of MotoGP. 

The first part of the subscriber notes should be online some time this evening, with the second part to follow on Tuesday. Apologies, especially to subscribers, for the delay. 


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"Lorenzo to Ducati Jr Team for free, Miller to Repsol, Cal punching him in the eye, Zarco to Yamaha test team, Rossi to Aprilia, and David Emmett to don tight black jeans and sneakers whose soles should not be white to join the MotoGP commentary team and pass his keyboard along to Zara, Jared, and someone selected from the comments section rumored to be Jinx."

(News lately has been a tad April 1st-like eh?)
Hang in there David. Appreciate your work a bunch. No hurry since I obviously have the replacement ride handled with great professionalism in case Jinx is in contract with Crash.net.

"Marquez linked to a change to MotoE, saying that he expects using fire extinguishers on a ship anchor that goes Moto3 pace to be a fresh challenge..."


The BT guys enjoy mentioning you, which hopefully drives traffic.

As for the rabbits, ones escaped another will be captured. If this sounds cynical, it's pretty much word for word at a certain HRC endorsed place Christmas party...several years in a row......Wouldnt know these days I too escaped.

The only thing I know is that I expected the race that David predicted - over within a lap. And I am so glad that my expectations were severly not met. What a race... In fact all the races were excellent.