Full Jerez MotoGP Race Removed Again From Youtube

Yesterday, we reported what we thought of as the great news that Dorna had started to put full MotoGP races online, available freely at MotoGP.com's official Youtube channel. Today, less than 24 hours later, they seem to have changed their minds. On Tuesday, the full 2008 Jerez race appeared on the Youtube channel, posted by MotoGP.com. by Wednesday morning, it was gone, replaced by a standard Youtube error message stating that the video had been removed by the user.

Obviously, some heated discussions followed at Dorna's Barcelona HQ yesterday, about what should and shouldn't be put online for free, and the proponents of the 20th Century view of publishing prevailed. It will be interesting to see how long this situation will continue, before Dorna realizes that it is better to control themselves how their video footage is put online, rather than leaving them to turn up on various file sharing sites around the world.

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I bet it was an experiment. I could imagine a test where you make something available for 24 hours and then end access. Over some period of time you could sample the number of torrents that are distributing the file (marked or innocuously modified to identify the file you made available). The information could be used to draw conclusions of the risks of making your property more accessible. I'm sure there are already many copies of the race floating around that are at better levels of resolution. But the access on Youtube could present an new situation to be measured for risk. As well, it could have just been used as a teaser to draw visitors and put fans on notice that every so often such a 'treat' may be in store for people that visit the motoGP channel on youtube.

It's a shame they do this... Last year I quite innocently posted a 1 minute clip (that wonderful incident where Colin Edwards semi-lowsided and pushed himself back up with his elbow) on YouTube... In 3 weeks it had over half a million hits and over 250 responses... "wow... amazing..." etc.

Dorna complained, it was removed and I was banned from youtube... Fair enough, but I was just sharing an amazing moment, nothing underhand intended. Shame Dorna complained, as it did nothing but raise the profile of MotGP...

With the state of the economy and rising sentiment as to the relevancy of GP racing, not to mention Kawasaki's withdrawal and waning sponsor support, Dorna should be doing everything within its power to increase the sport's exposure. It's hard enough to get any MotoGP coverage here in the States, and with such an untapped fan base, we're the ones Dorna should be reaching out to, not cutting off.

I've subscribed to the Motogp.com standard definition season pass for the past 2 years and just gave up on it during the middle of last season. My hope was that I would use the service to watch all the races thus enabling me to cancel my DirectTV satellite dish service -- which was driven primarily by the SpeedTV. But as I found out:

1. Their website makes it really hard to find the videos
2. Didn't work on Macintosh at first...
3. Several emails to tech support went unanswered
...eventually figured out on my own that I had to install
an updated codec to get the encrypted video to play.
4. The site design makes it impossible to watch the
videos without spotting a spoiler headline. Sigh.

It's a real bummer because as an American MotoGP fan, I would be perfectly content to shell out real money to watch tape-delayed races.

Perhaps others have had a better experiences on the site?

Sorry to hear about your experience with MotoGP.com. For what it's worth, I sent an email to MotoGP.com about the fact that the news feed displayed the race results when watching the full race, and they replied that they were going to fix it. And they were good to their word, this has now been fixed, so you can watch the full race without finding out who the winner was in the news headlines.


For the most part it's great. It has failed a few times. For example Jerez 2006. I almost lost my temper!

I've been a subscriber since 2004 and I'll continue as long as the price stay reasonable. I couldn't bear having to watch on SPEED.