Andrea Iannone Doping Update: Decision Expected In 10 Days

Andrea Iannone has won a brief reprieve from his doping case. At the hearing at the CDI in Switzerland today, he presented an analysis of a hair showing no sign of anabolic use. The court will now consider the evidence and a decision is expected in 10 days. More details on the GPOne website. 

The FIM issued the following press release after Andrea Iannone's hearing at the CDI :

Following a routine In-Competition doping test conducted at the round of the FIM Grand Prix World Championship held in Sepang, Malaysia on 3 November 2019, Mr Andrea Iannone tested positive for a WADA prohibited substance and is now provisionally suspended since 17 December 2019.

Mr Andrea Iannone requested analysis of his B sample which also confirmed the result of the A sample analysis.

The hearing of the International Disciplinary Court (CDI) took place today at the FIM Headquarters in the presence of a panel of three judges of the CDI where Mr Iannone had the opportunity to present his case.

The proceeding is still ongoing until a CDI decision is rendered. Mr Andrea Iannone remains provisionally suspended until then and is therefore barred from participating in any motorcycling competition or related activity until further notice.

Under the World Anti-Doping Code and the FIM Anti-Doping Code, the FIM is unable to provide any additional information at this time.


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I'm starting to think this will turn into a repeat of Alberto Contador's ban from cycling around 2010. Andrea will be found guilty of accidental use, so he'll still be banned, but nobody will cast aspersion on his characters (officially at least).

His career shouldn't end this way. I hope he beats it and gets to ride the new bike for his last season...he's paid his dues.

One can't just test positive in random urine quiz for a steroid that leaves the system in 10 days, then think a hair sample submission clears it. It is an "underground" variety not able to have accidental ingestion. A side effect is excessive self confidence btw.

Was looking fwd to his WSBK work, and he may have gelled w the new Aprilia sufficient to flash forward then disappoint and complain again this year. Which was still a better prospect than Smith. AE41 is largely on his own, until that Italian 2021 signing (Dovi?). We may never know, other than a brief period of seeing how he looks in briefs. Period.

Dovi? He'll be retiring if he doesn't somehow manage to keep his seat on ther Duc.

More likely Di Giannantonio or Bastianini.

Iannone is a bone head, and if this mystery "hair" sample trick works it just makes a complete mockery of the CDI and WADA.

Lets see.... "Hey Doc, if i was going to start a series of steroid use and hope to get away with it what should i do today to have some proof i'm not on roids?"

hmmm.... "I know! pull a hair today and store it in a zip-loc until you need it." 

What a joke. What a waste of talent. What a fruit cake.


Nope. Exactly (and very unfortunately). He is always incredible. Decreasingly racing a motorbike. Increasingly something else.

[They asked for a second hair sample that be from elsewhere on the body, and he said "because of the photo shoot in just the sunglasses it is but stubble." Could be translation error? Sounds dodgy.]

I think the seagull knocked something loose. He should have called. Elias too. Maybe Bagnaia now. Spies? Exorcist/priest stuff there, not my area. Sad to see. Iannone already tried the Pope. Next stop, dope. Now? Mope. Hope? (nope).