Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 129: Previewing The Sepang MotoGP Test

The second podcast this week comes from Neil Morrison and David Emmett, who get together to discuss what to expect from the Sepang MotoGP test. There is plenty to talk about: will the Yamaha finally make a step forward? How will Maverick Viñales, Valentino Rossi, and Fabio Quartararo react the first time the press get to give them a grilling? Will the GP20 finally turn? What to expect from Suzuki? And is the 2020 RS-GP the breakthrough Aprilia needs?

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I actually think its  alittle bit of poor form for Lorenzo to do any wildcards.  He welched on his second year of Honda under a veil of retirement.  At a bare minimum he shouldn't participate in any races against Honda for 2020.........  It would be the honerable thing to do.

If there is a short Samurai sword on your wall, and you are on your knees...please reach out for some help. Nakagami? Endurance tester for Yamaha? Or does your name start with Ts? And all this time I thought you were an english speaking bloke on a shoddy pointy litre bike.

Kindness to a peer, but I tip the hat to Jorge for getting off that gravel trap ball buster. He can beat everyone but Marquez at 5 tracks on that thing this year. And next year be on Quarty's bike.

Have you ever changed jobs?

I see your point. Wholeheartedly disagree re the dynamic, and making it personal or legalistic.

I see Honda as negligent in making a rideable bike, looks to be next season as well. It was real that Jorge had to retire or get hurt trying to put that bronco at 11 tenths. Now he is a Test rider, not done w his career. Contracts are dynamic living documents.

If you aren't feeling understood, feel free to be articulate. Or if no, try funny? JL99 is ON, and so is the whole Yamaha project. Honda on laurels with the Marc. Zero empathy for HRC, it only pops up occasionally (mostly for Dani and Cal btw). Viva Blue!

I've always thought JL either didn't understand his sport or didn't like it. He seemed to want it to be a time trial sport rather than the attack and defend sport I believe it to be. Also if things weren't 100 he melted back into the pack. Kenny said something when he went over to the effect of 'Over here they are only fast when the moon is in the right phase'. JL brings that quote to mind. I like the guys who work harder when things aren't going well. Honda unprecedentedly (afaik) flew him to the factory and made parts right in front of him. Unable to adapt? Unwilling? Any winning motorcycle will be difficult to ride, esp until it is adapted to the rider and vice versa. I have to think giving more than 1 season to an effort would be a reasonable ask. Anyway, never been a Lorenzo fan, just an admirer of the way that man can get around a race track. Btw, not a fan of what Zarco did re KTM either tho I do enjoy me some Zarco on track. Probably more than those in closer proximity do. I always look forward to your comments. Motogp 2020: I Can See Clearly Now...


PS: I believe Mir is in for a big year. Brian - Out. On Suzukis since 1984 - Go Ecstar Rah Rah Rah (What is an Ecstar?)

I’m not a Jorge hater.  I just find it slightly distasteful to be entertaining the idea of wildcards in direct competition to a bike that you welched on.  If he had of completed his 2 year contract with Honda, retired and then joined Yamaha as a test rider, I wouldn’t have a problem with him doing wildcards.  None of us really know the intricacies of his contract with Honda, but if he came back to racing full time with Yamaha, it would have been a pretty sneaky way of not losing a year.  Just doesn’t sit right with me.  Pretty sure it wouldn’t sit right with Honda too if Jorge does wildcards and takes points away from Marquez’s championship defence.


Oh and the RC8 was definitely not shoddy.  Best handling bike I’ve owned.  Lots of character, fully ergonomically adjustable, great grunty engine.  The only negative was that the first gen’s were pretty vibey and the gear box could have been smoother.  I’ve ridden a 1290 superduke and they are almost vibe free (for a big v-twin) and the gear box is great….. If only they evolved the RC8.