Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 131: Previewing The Qatar MotoGP Test And The Phillip Island WorldSBK Test

The latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast is something of a crossover edition. Steve English and David Emmett get together to look ahead to the next batch of tests for the MotoGP and WorldSBK classes.

We start off with a discussion of what the last test at Sepang means for what to look out for at the Qatar MotoGP test this weekend. How will the new Michelin rear tire hold up in the colder, more abrasive conditions at Qatar? Will the cooler air show up anyone's engines as being too aggressive? How much will Marc Marquez' shoulder have improved.

Then we move on to discuss the state of the WorldSBK paddock, and what the Phillip Island test might tell us ahead of the first race. Does the fact that Phillip Island is such a unique track tell us anything about the comparative strength of the bikes? Will the Kawasaki of Jonathan Rea face a stiffer challenge this year? And how will the new Honda fare?

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This podcast is crack for us fans. You guys have such a great rapport. I love Steve's digs at Neil and Dave. All in good fun. 

I vote that someday, just once, Steve moderates a discussion between Neil and Dave that's also a drinking game.  Now that would be some comedic gold....

Cheers guys!

Thanks fellas. I see motogp the same way Mr. English sees WSBK this year. It is possible for anyone to win a motogp race, but realistically speaking there are nine riders that have a good chance of winning races races in motogp this year (not counting wildcards). And it is essentially the top nine placed riders in the 2019 championship. The thing is Marquez could win 6 or 7 races, get podiums at almost every other round and still run away with the championship with a few races to go in October. Who can beat him at his game of consistency? Marquez and Rea are playing the same game. And last year Rea was under some real pressure and yet he kept it together until the tide started to turn. That is very strong mental fortitude.

Well, I find the podcasts in some ways, let's say, more interesting than the actual bike racing. David Emmett takes a little getting used to with the way he often doesn't finish his sentences, but is good or even very good to listen to as knowlegeable and a good analyst. I agree with Jason Pridmore who, I think, said something along the lines of Steve English is spot on with understanding things 'under the surface' as well as the rider's mentalities and inner thoughts (they are probably mostly more introverted and objective thinkers).

As I say, I find the podcasts enjoyable and enriching. I don't go to the races, nor would I ever ride a motorbike on the road, but two wheels seem to fascinate me. I don't know why.