Confirmed: Kawasaki Out Of MotoGP

The extremely well-informed Spanish magazine is reporting that Kawasaki's withdrawal from MotoGP has been made official. The factory has sent a letter to Dorna and the other factories announcing their withdrawal, and giving some explanation. The full public announcement is expect on Monday, January 5th 2009, according to

More news once it becomes available.

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This is horrible news, horrible for the sport, horrible for the team, horrible for the riders. Just what the sport needs right now (sarcastic).

What does that make 17 total bikes on grid for 09'?

This really bites... it's bad for the sport, but in a way I can understand. I doubt this would have happened if Kawasaki was more competitive. Let's face it, they haven't been able to field a competitive bike for A LONG TIME. It doesn't make a lot of financial sense to spend millions of dollars each year on something that doesn't really pay off.

I wonder what this means for Hopkins and Melandri.

Kawi JUST got back into the game in 07, they were out of MotoGP for awhile, so it takes awhile to get to that prestigious level to aqcuire a good rider. I'm sure that Marco and John will be alright wherever they go. Plus i heard that a private company will be taking over a Kawi bike.