Editor's Blog - The Editorial Plan For The Duration Of The Coronavirus Outbreak

With the COVID-19 outbreak having paralyzed racing for the next month, at the very least, I thought it might be useful to provide an update on what you can expect from MotoMatters.com until we start racing again.

The short version is that there will be plenty of content coming on the site over the next few weeks, but that I will be taking weekends off. We will be publishing articles and photo galleries throughout the week, but no new content will be added to the site on Saturdays and Sundays, unless some dramatic development happens during the weekend.

First and foremost, we will continue to cover developments on how the novel coronavirus outbreak is affecting motorcycle racing of various stripes. All of our coverage of that will be free, as it is important that information on that subject is freely available to everyone.

Secondly, I have a backlog of articles and interviews done over the past months and years, which I never got round to turning into a proper article. Without the pressure of racing, I will have time to put those stories and interviews online. I will also have stories and interviews from other contributors.

Because of the nature of those stories and interviews, the majority (but not all) of them will be aimed at subscribers and site supporters, and made available on the MotoMatters Patreon page. Despite not having the expense of traveling to races, the bills will have to be paid. I also hope to help some of my freelancer friends who are much more dependent on individual races for their income by publishing articles by them.

To widen the audience for MotoMatters.com, we will also be starting up monthly subscriptions for the site. Though pricing is still to be decided upon, an annual subscription will be cheaper over a year than twelve monthly subscriptions, mainly to cover the additional administrative burden. However, a monthly subscription should allow readers to binge-read subscriber content, and make a decision on whether to convert to an annual subscription.

Hopefully, normal service will be resumed sooner rather than later, and there will be actual races to report on. But at the moment, there is absolutely no clarity on when that might be. For the latest state of play, see this update on how the COVID-19 outbreak is affecting MotoGP and WorldSBK.

Thanks to everyone for reading, supporting the site, and contributing such thoughtful and interesting comments. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to all of you for your support. And I cannot tell you how proud I am that the comments below the articles are often more interesting than the articles I have written which spawned them. Long may it continue.

If you enjoyed this article, please consider supporting MotoMatters.com. You can help by either taking out a subscription, supporting us on Patreon, by making a donation, or contributing via our GoFundMe page. You can find out more about subscribing to MotoMatters.com here.


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David, thanks for being frank and letting us know what to expect. I'm jonesing for any race action at all, but I fully support Motomatters as we all get through this. I'm sure that in a month I will have memorized every video moment of the 2006 championship.  ;-)

Here in the U.S., as we get cancellation notices on the hour from sports, concert venues and the local schools, I am starting to wonder when ESPN will announce a shutdown! What can they report on besides the effects of the virus?

Anyway, keep the content coming, and enjoy your travel break while you can.

As always thanks for the great work. As a fan, I'm jonesing as much as the next guy but lucky in that there's always more motorsport then I can normally consume anyway. Still have last week's MXGP,  the final two BTCC & Aussie V8 races from 2019 on the DVR to watch as well as last year's Macau GP... and VHS tapes and HDD's full of racing from the last 35 years so at least there's always some racing on at my place on the weekends. ;)

Let's all just stay well and hope the 2020 racing season can proceed in some form this summer. 

I think it is a very good idea to provide montly subscription, has it should help spread this virus, meaning your always interresting articles. For my part I have all the races from 2006 on, to look at on DVD's...I shall be fine for a while ;)

David, I wish you and your fellow moto'bike writers / analysts all the vey best for now and ever.

I think that in a way almost everything is interesting...maybe. Well, artists can find beauty in apparant ugliness just by looking: by using their eyes to search. There will be interest in this year somewhere or other, I think. I know that you are capable of finding the interest.


David- you are very deserving of some weekends off. Enjoy. And thanks for continuing to keep us up to date about further information.

(More hold me overs)
It nearly goes without saying, but if you haven't yet seen the Mark Neale documentary films you are in for a TREAT.
Faster and Faster
Dr, Tex Tornado and Kentucky Kid
Hitting the Apex
(Don't miss 2nd disc of bonus material, a film unto themselves).

Has anyone not seen these? Have I missed anything worth owning? I have all the season review DVDs, but they aren't nearly as good as full races. Onboard laps are nice to watch several times before a race to get a feel for track particulars again. I know about those not to be spoken of bit torrent sharing sites but haven't connected with that and those old friends for lots of years.

(Sigh) we had QUITE a season lined up. Empathy for those most directly affected, hoping they are managing to enjoy the unusual downtime and minimize distress.

Thanks Shrink. I've seen Faster but not the others, keep the suggestions coming for us stir-crazy race fans.

I would add the 1988 U.S. gp Laguna Seca to the list, and not only because it was my very first live international road race. It's available on Youtube, in all its mainstream U.S. TV glory. Lawson, Schwantz, Rainey, Haslem, McGee, Sarron, and even my domestic series favorite at the time, Mike Baldwin. But the most fun is to watch Gardner wrestle that Rothmans Honda lap after lap, the two wheels rarely contacting the tarmac at the same time, or pointing in the same direction. 

I always thought it would be worth checking in. This could go on for months so we all need to get used to it. I'm just regretting taking out my expensive WSBK and MotoGP Player subscriptions, oh well.

You pieces are always a delight, thanks David.