Dani Pedrosa Post Laguna Transcript: "Catching Lorenzo Will Be Difficult"

Q: What happened?

Dani Pedrosa: I hit a bump. I was entering with the brake and I hit a bump with the front wheel, and I just lost the front.

Q: What does this mean for the championship? Can you still catch Jorge?

DP: I'm sure it's very difficult to catch Jorge. With his races, he's doing very good. It's three races ahead, so it's kind of difficult. But we have to think about our own race weekends and try do do the best result possible.

Q: You won last year here. Is it a big disappointment for you to crash in the lead?

DP: Of course, it's a disappointment, because I crashed, I don't like to not finish races.

Q: Valentino said he almost crashed at that corner. How difficult is that bump to go through?

DP: You can see. You go or you are gone.

Q: There's no chance to recover?

DP: No.

Q: And before that, what was your feeling about the race?

DP: I think I was doing a good race. Because in practice, Stoner and Lorenzo were clearly one step ahead, and this time I was ahead. So I'm happy about this, unhappy about the crash.

Q: And you would have had a chance to fight for the win?

DP: I think I was on the point of doing that.

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Instead he put us to sleep with giving us almost nothing worth reading.

Seeing as you have the only comment which is intended to bag another rider, and the transcript is all of 1 minute of conversation, he really didn't say anything interesting or worthy of discussion. Which would you prefer in the paddock?

we love casey stoner - a man of many words vs an equally gifted yet terse man - i'll take the stoner any day! :)

Give an extensive analysis of how the bike was set up until that point? How exactly he went through all the corners he made before he crashed out? How it felt falling of the bike?

He never does give extensive answers anyway and after this kind of end to a race, there's really not much to say.

Personally, I rather have a rider make his point on the race track. I don't need additional entertainment from them in interviews or post-race "celebrations". The racing is the show, not all the smoke-screen around. But that's just my opinion.

The track conditions were the same for everyone some managed to ride the bumps while others crashed, did the bumps only appear for dani NO they were there all day every day, other riders seem to avoid parts of the track that are demmed bumpy or unsuitable.
lets get real dani the pressure gets to you while others manage it well.
I was pleased to read Stoner thinks Lorenzo is a worthy champion Horray for Stoner as he is the first to acknowledge just how good Lorenzo is riding this season.

You're talking about a man who just dumped it and probably realised his chance for the title had gone also. Who's going to get all bubbly and loquacious in those circumstances?

You must also appreciate Dani and Lorenzo are not speaking to us in their native tongue. Their English is sufficient for the T.V interviews but perhaps it is more difficult to explain some of racing's nuances. I'm sure the Spanish press tease out a lot more than what we get.

Rossi said he very very nearly crashed in the same corner due to the bumps. Casey says he folded a front a few times. Jorge says he had to take some risks passing Ben. The edge has become sharper and these four super human riders push up to it more and more often because of each other. Sometimes they're going to fall down, sometimes they'll get luckily and recover it.

I'm not a fan of Pedrosa, but to be fair, these are some lame questions that were put to him.

This was a difficult situation. Interviewing riders after they crashed out is always difficult. Then there's the fact that time is limited. Add to this the fact that at Laguna, these don't take place in the comfortable surroundings of the hospitality unit, but instead are at the back of temporary offices, and the atmosphere is not easy.

What also doesn't help is that very few of the English-language media make it to Pedrosa's regular press debriefs, and so the relationship is already not as familiar as say, Nicky Hayden, who has a regular crowd, which encourages a conversation. This is in part because of Pedrosa's debriefs: They take place 15 minutes before Casey Stoner's debriefs, and Pedrosa answers questions in Spanish first, then in Catalan, and then in English. But having Spanish and Catalan go first usually means that they are over-running by the time we get to English, and it's time to head off to Casey Stoner's debrief.

So, it's not easy to ask good questions and get good answers in situations like these. Pedrosa can give you good answers: I have been in Pedrosa debriefs with Julian Ryder, for example, who has a sound relationship with Pedrosa, and Pedrosa gives good answers in those debriefs. So it's not Pedrosa, nor the journalists, just a combination of factors.

Actually I knew he did Spanish but not Catalan as well! I can appreciate why his answers are short now, thanks.

I was embarrassed last year at Indy by the booing that Dani got. He has issues, but who doesn't? He is not one of my favorites, but unless you walk in a mans moccasins it is hard to understand where from which he has come. I didn't like it when he took Nicky out in 2006, it was a bonehead move, but I'm sure it wasn't a planned incident - in racing, stuff happens.

Respect his obvious talent. Cut the guy some slack.

I never liked Dani (who cares!) but that doesn't mean not respecting him.
Top of that I think in recent time he proved to deserve even more respect for his approach. And he is seriously talented. On a fast day it's quite hard for everyone to race him.