Kawasaki Decision Due "After Phillip Island"

Rumors continue to surround Kawasaki's MotoGP program, and the latest rumor would seem to tip the balance in favor of the program's demise. The often well-informed British website Visordown is reporting that the 2009 MotoGP bike showed a distinct lack of reliability at the private tests they ran last week at the Australian Eastern Creek circuit.

So worried are Kawasaki's MotoGP bosses by the reliability that they are giving the project one last chance, according to Visordown. The bike will run at the private test to be held by Suzuki and Kawasaki at Phillip Island next week, where reliability issues will be examined. If the bike is not reliable enough, the project will be killed - and with it, any hope of a privateer team running the machines - so say Visordown's sources.

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I have been trying to follow the Kawasaki saga for weeks now, but there seems to be very little information and much of what has been released seems contradictory and confusing. Does anyone know if they even went to Phillip Island? When and what was the result. Was it supposed to be this week or last? They were going to be testing with Suzuki, but from what I can find Suzuki is only going to Sepang this week. Anyone know anything?