Marc Marquez Still In Hospital, Infection Found During Surgery

Marc Marquez is to remain in hospital in Madrid after surgery on his right arm. The Spaniard had an operation to attach a plate and a bone graft to promote bone growith on the humerus he fractures at Jerez. A sample was taken of the fractured bone, and that showed signs of infection. That is not uncommon in non-union fractures such as that suffered by Marquez. The Repsol Honda rider is being treated with antibiotics for the infection.

The press release from Honda appears below:

Update on Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez’s post-operative clinical situation has been deemed satisfactory by his medical team at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, in Madrid. However, the cultures obtained during the pseudarthrosis surgery have confirmed that there was a previous infection in the fracture, which will see Marquez undergo specific antibiotic treatment in the coming weeks.

Marquez will remain at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, in Madrid.


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My father in law lost his leg after a break in which the bone got infected. this was 20 years ago so hopefully antibiotics have improved enough for this to be handled quickly.

My partner had a post surgical infection last year after a routine procedure. She had to spend a month in hospital and then 2 months staying with her mother and getting daily nurse visits before she was able to come home. Even then she had a dressing on her wound that she had to change daily and apply silver nitrate to the wound. She is quite a bit older than MM93 (if she asks I didn't say that) but still an infection is not a minor matter and we both wish him well.

I cut my thumb and got it stitched up. It got infected - when I had basically like poison-ivy-looking blisters all over my thumb I went in. They said oh god this is infected we have to open you back up immediately. They did so, and I'm really lucky I only lost the tip of the thumb where it got infected and like collapsed the structure.

... downright scary. The series of decisions that have led to this situation have proven disastrous - I don't blame Marc for wanting to ride 4 days after the initial surgery, however HRC, his surgeons and MotoGP medical staff really need to re-examine what they think they know about an injury before they allow a rider to put their livelihood (and maybe an entire arm) in jeopardy.

I don't blame the clinical staff for my now buggered ankle after ignoring their advice to be non-weight bearing for 4 months and popping the cast off after 2 weeks. It's what you do when you're young and full of passion for something. Nor do I blame Marc for choosing to ignore similar, undoubtedly given, advice. Clinicians tend to be cautious when dealing with patients, I doubt they told him he'd be good as new by the Friday, any more than I think anyone with in a position of responsibility told him to man up, 'tis only a scratch.

With the benefit of age (and an overdose of surgeons sharing gory detail over the last 20 years), when I heard the plate had come loose all I could picture was those bone ends being ground together at 18,000 vibrations per minute, or whatever the rpm is. No-one should be too surprised that sometimes you don't get away with that kind of abuse.

None of which changes that I wish him the very, very best and hope the antibiotics do their job and he makes a full recovery. 

... hear you on the rights of an individual to make their own decision to heed medical warnings, or not. However we're talking about a reigning world champion with an army of engineers, data analysts, and Honda big wigs behind him, all ultra-focused on tackling yet another MotoGP season. Honda should've been more cautious in order to preserve a shot at a 2020 season, which as we've seen was all but nonexistent this year (except for a couple of bright spots).

Granted, between them Honda and Dorna could have said no, but if the rider passes the fitness test and says they want to ride, what do you do? I don't think I've ever heard of a team or organiser barring a rider for these kind of reasons and all precedent seems to suggest it's the riders call. This must be a frequent dilemma for all concerned - when you know the rider isn't interested in hearing what they should do, do you keep sowing doubt or do you get behind them, especially when 99 times out of a 100 it all goes reasonably well, sometimes even much better than expected. Marc's status probably just makes it harder to say no.

I had a ol' riding pal shattered his leg on a motorcycle road trip we were on.  Seriously, a right proper job of it.  I won't go into the details; it wasn't pretty to watch.   After a few surgeries, bent plates and loosened up screws, yup, you guessed it - infection!  On went some sort of vacuum pump system for a few months to draw away more grossness that I care to remember, and on to some super strong 'kill 'em all' drugs.

Happy to report that after just over 2 years of physiotherapy, pain and frustration,  he was fit and well enough to enter a damn tough road cycling race.

Now, a MotoGP rider gets the best care and the best tools available.   I hope his recovery goes well.


MM and his fans shouldnt be trying to blame HRC or his doctora for MMs decisions.  Passing the buck on this situation will lead other riders to do the same as MM in future...the buck stops with MMs own decision to ride right after the first surgery.. 

Fingers crossed for Marc. He is a very good healer and in great care (medically, can't say the same at Honda). Before the infection I would have guessed he needed two months to recover. Hope that is still the case. 

Only and last time saying it:

Honda, nature always gets the last pole lap. You haven't seemed to be willing to receiving the intervention re your negligence and prideful rigidity of culture. Allow the hard look in the mirror to reach you. Then take a HARD look at the new tires and your chassis. You and Yamaha share a petulent fall from grace and power. It is shameful that you have made a horrible bike for years that throws riders off of it at turn entry. Hold yourself responsible. Other than the safety issue concern for your riders, until you make a rideable bike I will be enjoying your poor performance with the most money spent. Cheering on KTM and Suzuki. Puig seems an asshole minion enabling you. You have the best riders Spain can offer. If your program has put the most beautiful motorcycle rider I have ever seen on THAT bike, on which he finally got THAT hurt. Then sent him out THAT soon. To go get THAT tossed? Who do you think holds what responsibility?! Some Marc Marquez, yes. The ONLY thing I have heard is a blame of a Dr's error in saying he could ride on that fresh plate if he must. YOU Honda. Look in the mirror. At least Yamaha publicly apologized and made changes. That failed for 2020, but they still kicked your ass all over the place and endangered no one. 

Viva #93 and every Manu but Honda since the days of their manipulating MSMA and dictating the rulebook for the worst, and until you get your bike within reasonable rideability limits. Step taken this year noted. More necessary. Love you Pol, but cheering for Binder, Oliveira and even likeable lunker Petrucci to be tails you see but can't catch. Sincere blessings to your health and welbeing (unfortunately still needed). Come back very soon healthy and happy Senor Skittle! And tell them you feel like carving some turns with that new edge grip. Those tires will chuck you on the angry bronco. 

Honda, nature always gets the last pole lap. You haven't seemed to be willing to receiving the intervention re your negligence and prideful rigidity of culture. Allow the hard look in the mirror to reach you. Then take a HARD look at the new tires and your chassis. You and Yamaha share a petulent fall from grace and power. It is shameful that you have made a horrible bike for years that throws riders off of it at turn entry. Hold yourself responsible. 

I'm pretty sure Honda would say the same thing I have - Honda riders have crashed less than their fellow V4 riders at KTM and Ducati this year. The pressure got to Nakagami and A.Marquez or they might well have finished their seasons crash-free.

That wasn't always the case for the Honda which says something about its evolution over the last few years. If anything, I'd argue the Honda has made a more radical transformation than any other bike (except for the KTM) - installed a permanent engineering team under Yokoyama (replacing their previous rotational 'training' system), reversed the engine direction and switched to a big-bang firing order, signed a bunch of guys from Magneti Marelli to develop the electronics, redesigned the chassis to extract more power from the engine, signed Marc Marquez to a four-year contract and got an experienced head in Espargaro to partner him. Puig may have a generally odious demeanour but nothing Honda has actually done indicates arrogance - they've recognized the flaws in their bike and organisation and actively worked to rectify it.

Marquez's was a freak accident that happened when he was riding completely over-the-limit trying to make an (unnecessary) point to the competition. His attempt to return to racing too early was equally unnecessary. Honda is no more responsible for that than Ducati is for Bagnaia's missed races or Suzuki for Rins'.

The one mistake Honda did make is passing on Mir -who despite his title is somewhat wasted on Suzuki and really ought to be riding a V4 - and signing Lorenzo instead.

Fair enough mate! I like what you are saying, and don't generally agree. But I do soften and temper where I am at on it via such perspective to legitimately consider, so thank you! Betting Mir is quite happy to not be on any other bike btw. Desireable seat!

Cheers. Less than two weeks to Solstice and longer days.     :)

This is really quite serious and you would hope they applied an antibiotic directly to the surgical site rather than relying on administering it afterwards. The prognosis gets worse with each successive surgery in such cases. I'd say Marquez has more surgery ahead especially if they didn't account for a potential infection in the way they did this latest surgery. If infection is present the graft simply may not work at all.

Now when Marques is our for x months I guess Dovi is first in line to ride his bike. Or is he ?  What if Dovi wins lets say all of the first races and he only need a few more points to claim the title. What will Honda do when 93 wants his ride back? Sack Dovi and let a KTM/Suzuki/Yamaha rider win the title ( if Pol arent close enough to win the title) ?  Will Dovi think of this when he sign the contract ?

^ Right?! Honda has a rider need. Cal did LOTS of Test work while racing. Bradl did lots of racing while being their Test guy. The times demand a good race pace tester. Bradl just impressed and deserves praise and the replacement spot. But they are short. LCR gets little notice from HRC, let alone respect.  They finally have Factory bikes contracted, right? Perhaps A.Marquez and Taka can take up some Dev work like Cal did. But it is on Bradl now. The problem is not with Bradl, it is with Honda not listening. 

Dovi deserves whatever he feels he wants now. He is heartbroken. Worn down. Competing in a regional Motocross series is legitimate, and fun. He has nothing to prove and now has no one to answer to or impress but his sovereign self. Test and Replacement is a great lifestyle if you want it Andrea. I get it that you may not. Go rip some roosting dirt mate. Or, come beat Ducati for a bit then fall back into Test? Motocross will wait. This won't. Follow your inclination. You'll know. I think you could be top Honda from the first outing after the Winter Test. Win another race. Italian dirt? Softening. Honda win? Steel steal. Either way, it's YOUR heart.