Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 179: Joan Mir Interview And Season Review

The final episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast sees the year reach a fitting conclusion: with a look back and exclusive interview with the surprise 2020 MotoGP champion, Joan Mir. Steve English, Adam Wheeler, and Neil Morrison examine the season Mir had, Joan Mir talks about the championship, and his manager, Paco Sanchez, explains how Mir got to be in a position to win the title.

After a few introductory thoughts, Neil Morrison talks to Paco Sanchez, who tells the story of how Joan Mir got to MotoGP, from a surprisingly modest background and against the odds. Then Neil interviews Joan Mir himself, and the 2020 champion talks about how he saw the season, how he exceeded his own expectations, the precautions he had to take because of the Covid-19 pandemic and how that created extra obstacles for him, and what he expects from Marc Marquez once the former world champion returns.

Steve, Adam, and Neil then dig into Suzuki's season and Joan Mir's championship, discussing how Mir went about winning, the state of Suzuki in 2020, and whether this is a sign of a rider on the rise or a one-off success. They also look back at what the Paddock Pass Podcast crew said prior to the season starting, and whether that still stands up at the end of the season.

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Last 2020 Wintertainment...

"Top 10 Victories of the Decade" (I think they missed a few, don't you? Impossible not to, so many goodies)

Joyful New Year MMates! Thank you everyone for the great MotoGP season, a shining treasure in a lump of shite trip around the Sun. Here's to your good health and contentment!

---clink--- Cheers!

Addendum, keep Fausto Gresini, family and team in your thoughts. He is REALLY sick with Covid. He has been in a medically induced coma and on a vent machine breathing for him. "Slightly improved condition" has his medical staff preparing to reawaken him and remove the intubation for him to breathe on his own. Sad to hear he is so very sick, glad for his good care and wishful for a speedy recovery. 

Lorenzo - Rossi 2009 Catalunya Full Race. This is what we used to hear called "a real ding dong battle" putting the best of surgically precise Jorge and passionate Vale on display. (Reminds me also to appreciate our current era where a large pack of battling bikes is the norm and we have so many different riders on podiums).



Look, Tito - be reborn. You have ALL our blessings in WSBK. Self doubt is contextual. The Ducati is nothing I would want to master in GP's. But that Panigale looks SWEET. Enjoy mate!