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What does Brexit mean for British teams and riders?

UK teams and riders face new regulations for working in Europe, including carnets, limited stays and possible work visas and permits

This year British riders, teams and race staff go racing in Europe as non-EU members for the first time in decades, so will they face any challenges and, if so, what will they be?

There are only two major British teams competing in world championship racing, both of them in World Superbike: the factory BMW squad of Shaun Muir Racing and the factory Yamaha outfit of Crescent Racing.

SMR and Crescent are big enough to have the resources to work at addressing any issues created by Brexit, but these same issues will also affect smaller, less well-financed teams and riders who want to go racing or testing in Europe.

SMR and Crescent say costs will rise and both are considering moving their racing operations to Europe, to avoid the border complications of regularly taking staff, trucks, race bikes and equipment into and out of the EU. Crescent is already setting up a company in the Republic of Ireland to give itself an EU base.

Brexit ended freedom of movement for EU citizens in the UK and for British citizens in the EU, which consequently ended freedom of movement of goods and services, so there are three main issues: carnets, visas and the 90-days-in-180-days limit for working in the EU.

Carnets allow for the temporary importation of goods into countries by guaranteeing that you won’t sell the goods while you’re there. A truck carnet must include every single item in the truck, from bikes and tyres to spare engines and paddock scooters, plus lists of individual tools and parts, nuts and bolts and so on.

Smaller teams and hobby racers taking bikes into Europe also need carnets. Road-registered bikes are exempt, but any van carrying multiple machines (for track-day events, for example) will be considered a commercial venture, so a carnet will be required.

Read the rest of Mat Oxley's blog on the Motor Sport Magazine website.


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Another fine mess we have got ourselves into. Talk about the Devil's in the detail. Surely it could all be summarised in 140 characters, or on the side of a bus in big letters.... Where is Farage?

Continental track days look difficult. Many will not bother.

our government was so concerned with fishing (which in itself they messed up) that the implications of those working in europe whether in motorsport or music were totally overlooked or conveniently forgotten about. Why would you still be a British owned Motogp or WSBK team when relocation to Ireland with its increasingly good ferry links to the EU would solve the problem ? And why employ UK team members for a europe heavy season. Backward.

surely it's time for someone to tell Mat and/or David to 'stick to bikes and stop talking politics' aka stop pointing out what a diabolical mess brxit is. Maybe that's just twitter.


This is from the forum, but applies here as well "This forum is about motorcycle racing, and to a lesser extent, all things motorcycles. Politics, religion and other forms of sport are not welcome here, unless they impact directly on motorcycle racing."

To me it seems like the changing situation in Britain, Wales, Scotland, the Isle of Man and Ireland (North & South) is causing issues for motorcycle racing. Brexit does impact M/C racing! So it is a valid topic for discussion. Seems like a real problem. Will all the UK talent work and race in BSB etc. Leaving the continental circus for the rest of us. From Oxley's article it seems like a lot of extra costs & hassle to employ people from the UK to do stuff to and from & all around Europe. Cheaper & much easier to keep the European operations entirely european.

Sorry Englanders you have cooked the goose, now you have to lie in it.

Hear you Dr M! Valid point. Glad shite is minimized here. This time, looks like politics started taking motorcycle racing rather than the other way around. This is news! The English teams look to be in transition. It is changing the racing season. Ireland, congrats in your new teams? If so, the Irish roads course events might get a few solid riders/bikes. BSB has some teams and riders that aren't so local that could leave the grids. 

March 6th! We're nearly there, everyone hits Qatar. Lots will be revealed. Then, brief wait for Round 1!