Private MotoGP Test In Jerez: Andrea Dovizioso To Get First Ride On Aprilia RS-GP

Monday sees the start of three days of activity at the Jerez ciruit, as first the MotoE teams, and then MotoGP test teams get to work at the Andalusian circuit. Alongside the full MotoE grid - it is an official MotoE test - the test teams of Aprilia, Honda, KTM, and Yamaha will be present at the track.

Though the MotoE test is an official event, a one-day official test or the electric motorcycle class, and will consequently have live timing available via the website, the MotoGP part of the test is a private test, and will therefore run without coverage, and without transponders. The MotoGP test teams will be at Jerez from Monday through Wednesday, sharing the track on the first day with the MotoE teams (and making use of the dead track time while the Energica machines are recharging between sessions), before having the track to themselves for the final two days of the test.

Though there will be no official coverage of the test, media interest in the test is high. For alongside KTM's Dani Pedrosa, Honda rider Stefan Bradl (now demoted to test rider again with the return to competition of Marc Marquez), Yamaha's Cal Crutchlow, and Lorenzo Savadori, Andrea Dovizioso will be making his debut aboard the Aprilia RS-GP. The ex-Ducati veteran will be getting his first taste of what from the Qatar test and races looks like being a competitive bike.

The test is the first of two which Dovizioso is scheduled to have with Aprilia. The Italian is also due to try the RS-GP at Mugello in May, and despite protestations to the contrary by both sides, the test is widely seen as a way for the two sides to assess one another. Aprilia gets a look at how Dovizioso works, and Dovizioso gets to see exactly how competitive the RS-GP really is.

The rider who won't be at Jerez, at least not on a MotoGP bike, is Marc Marquez. There had been rumors that the Spaniard could ride at Jerez, but the MotoGP rules make it clear that private testing is only allowed at a two-day private test already planned for later in the year. If Marquez were to attend, he could ride the Honda RC213V-S street bike, of course. But so far, it looks like Marquez is saving himself for his MotoGP return at Portimao on Friday.


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Dovi assess Aprilia.

Aprilia COURT Dovi! Fingers crossed. In flux for sure. Bet he likes it, and wants back in the circus. He wants handling. It has got it. I don't think he would be testing the waters if he didn't already want to swim in MotoGP. He is a deliberate and certain guy, not a wishy washy temperament. And smart - 2022 seats are going to be few and go quick to Moto2 risers. Watch the colors on his will be a Factory affair. His times too. No parts to test, just get a tow from Bradl or Cal, then treat it like Q. Be utterly adored and courted by Aprilia, all smiles. He will say that everything is great but (___) and pull in 5th/6th on the straight if he is with Bradl. No Ducati at the Test? Even better for Dovi. And the bike striking his fancy since no one will waltz away from him on the straight. The (___) he says needs improvement? They will thank him for the development feedback, say they NEED him, and jump right in to developing and sorting that. "We would have no #1 rider at Aprilia, he and Aleix competing is good for the program. Aleix is very excited and happy at the opportunity. Savadori who?"

This is going to go well. Feel free to be optimistic. 

Popcorn out. 

Optimism is great in life. Concerning the Dovi to Aprilia move, I'm optimistic, hopeful and keeping the feet grounded to the earth.

Go Dovi! Jerez might actually be a great track for Dovizioso's Aprilia test. It's a bogey track that he has never won at. If he has a great feeling there, then that bodes well for other tracks.

Surely if Dovi is going to jump in, he needs to do it straight away?  Waiting for another test at Mugello in May?  It's pretty clear Savadori is at best a fill-in rider, they need to get AD in the seat and racing asap.  Portimao!  Would be great (at least for us fans).

OTOH, they can wildcard Dovi up to 6 races in 2021.  Maybe that suits them better to get some testing feedback, make enhancements as requested, wildcard him to properly analyse, and prep for giving him a decent run in 2022.  Pity Savadori if that comes to pass, Aprilia's sparse resources will be directed anywhere but his bike.  He'd presumably be on a sorry assemblage of old discarded parts worse than Lowes and Redding got.

But all the while the kids are evolving and Dovi is getting no younger.  I hope they run him

I hope Dovi enjoys the ride and comes back to the grid.  It would be great to see a rejuvinated version of him back in the paddock.   

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Going out on a limb here, but I predict that he will somehow beat Savadori's best lap ever at Jerez.

The way Dorna work I wouldn't be at all surprised if they've already got a deal lined up for Dovi to race, Savadori to test, with benefits. Even going as far as locating new sponsors who will align themselves with an Aprilia team with AD in it; it all happens behind the scenes-or even pit boxes! If I was Carmelo it's a no-brainier, commercial and media value of Savadori staying at the back unnoticed or a proven winner on an emerging player with a bit of a financial helping hand, mmm let me think about it for five seconds... 

... in Qatar, I suspect Dovi is going to find the Aprilia very good around Jerez where the lack of top end won't be quite as apparent. For Aprilia, this is perhaps a do-or-die marriage. We know Aleix can't get them there - Piaggio needs to pay up and give this program a boost for 2021-22 and then find a young gun with front-running chops for later seasons.

Unofficial test, no transponders, I know...but who willl have the unofficiasl times or reports for us?


GPone reports the track is practically on lockdown and no reports until Wednesday. But maybe Mr. Emmett has insider info?

Exciting week in the Motogp world. The inner child has difficulty waiting...

From sports Italia: best lap for Dovi 1:40.6, i.e. 3 secs slower than Quart pole last year. Today was mostly ergonomics apparently so plenty of margin as I see it. 

and are those the "transport" tires, seen in the shot from 00.50 to about 01.05, while the bike is being warmed up? Just curious.

I really feel for Savadori.  Getting a MotoGP ride is no mean feat and he's really taking a lot of crap lately. Who knows? Maybe Quatar was messing with him just as it did KTM and others.  Maybe the threat of Dovi will mark a turn around?  Dunno, just must suck for him right now.

Sorry for harshness or judgement, but it has been a while since we had someone stand out as having such a poor resume on the grid. 

World Superstock and not necessarily near the front sort. Could do well in a National Series Sbk, but not necessarily stand out? I don't think he is turning laps at a pace that makes his feedback particularly valuable as a Test rider. 

I'm dying here, David. I've refreshed at least 50 times the last couple of days hoping to feast upon the Dovizioso bombshell. There's no news at all? Not even virtual whispers transmitted through the etherwaves? How about a juicy unsubstantiated rumor?


Staying positive though. Haven't given up hope.

Dovisioso does a 1:35.9, signs four year contract with Aprilia.

Juicy, unsubtantiated, virtual whisper. Yeah, I made it up, hope this helps.