Cormac Shoots Barcelona: Zippers, Start Devices, And On Track Highlights

The story of the weekend. Just why did Fabio Quartararo open his leathers at Turn 3 on lap 21?

Jack Miller is so proud of being Australian that he likes to point to his country of origin every time he enters the pits

Big Mig Rising - Miguel Oliveira has 45 points from 2 races. If he continues on at this pace, well...

The magic happens somewhere in there. Ducati's rivals are convinced something unsavory is going on, but it is hard to separate envy from actual wrongdoing

Impressive rookie season, struggling as a sophomore. Alex Marquez is not finding his second year in MotoGP easy

An electronics junction box - you can make an educated guess at which connectors are which. At the top, the bottom of the small tank used for warming the bikes up can be seen

Iker Lecuona was trying really hard in Barcelona. Perhaps a little too hard at times

After we published photos of Aprilia's holeshot device mechanism, they now have a nice green plastic protector in place to keep prying eyes away

Enea Bastianini leans into the green

The handlebars get ever busier: traction control and engine braking buttons, front holeshot activation lever, rear holeshot activation lever, brake adjustment wheel, and clutch lever. At least they don't use the clutch lever very often

This is why they do it, those few moments on the top step of the podium

No small part in KTM's success. Dani Pedrosa accepts Pit Beirer's embrace

Silvano Galbusera joins Maverick Viñales on the grid, and in the garage. It brought improvement, though the next question is will it last?

Compare and contrast - bare-chested and open leathers for Fabio Quartararo, leaving himself with extra actions to take on the grid

Zipped and ready for Jack Miller. Less to think about when the 3 minute mark sounds

Valentino Rossi was straight to Q2, for the first time in several races. But it was not without incident

Nothing to hide: The Suzuki still doesn't have a rear holeshot/ride-height lowering device. Visible is the standard adustable rear shock linkage, the 4-into-2-into-1 exhaust, and the coolant pump

The Ducati looks a good deal more elegant when seen from above

Intermediates? No, Michelin Power Cup tires, a track day tire used as a transport tire, for use moving the bike around, instead or ruining racing slicks


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Love seeing what we can of all the cool tech on these bikes, great photos