HRC Opens "Witch Hunt" For Rev Limit Moles

Dark tidings from inside Honda. is reporting that HRC has started what the Italian site is calling a "witch hunt" to find the source of the leak about rev limits. HRC is said to be mightily displeased that this information should have been made public, regarding it as "confidential commercial information", which should not be shared in any way.

Quite why Honda should be getting into such a tizzy at the leaking of the fact that the satellite bikes have a rev limit in place of 18,200 rpm, some 800 below the factory bikes 19,000 rpm limit, is a bit of a mystery. With minimum requirements likely to be imposed on engine life, using satellite teams as a testbed for the impact that rev limits would have on engine life would seem to be a sensible step. Granted, HRC's image may be negatively affected, as the company could be seen to be forcing the satellite teams to accept a disadvantage when it comes to the races. But launching a full-scale chase for the loose lips which sunk HRC's ship merely makes the situation a good deal worse. And is more likely to encourage further outbreaks of leaking than prevent it.

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I was thinking about this and came to the conclusion that Honda must do this with it satellite bikes for other specs. It seem absolutely likely that they go into each season setting certain specs where they think makes the most sense based on cost and competitiveness.

Then I started wondering, in light of the above, why this particuler spec cause such and issue for people and came to the conclusion that this was the first time a spec had actually leaked out of HRC.

I just can't see that this is a new thing. The only thing that is new is the mole.

I recall seeing a story on the corporate site (I'm pretty sure that's where I saw it, but, curiously, I can't find it now) quoting DeAngelis complaining about how he could hear the factory bike engines were turning more R's on the straights as they motored past him.  Something tells me this would have been obvious to the naked ear as well...

Which of the "witches" in attendance at Sepang will they hunt?

This isnt a suprise. I bet they are looking for the mole for money purposes. I would bet dollars to donuts that there is a strict no disclosure clause in Honda's lease agreement with a fiscal penalty to be imposed if said clause is violated. I think Honda is taking a proactive approach to make sure no one leaks anymore because if they find and punish the person who cares. But if they find the person and punish not only that person, but the team he works on as well then its a bigger deal and people will follow the rules and keep their mouths shut.