Aprilia Test Release: Andrea Dovizioso Completes Two Days Of Testing At Misano

Andrea Dovizioso has completed two days of testing at Misano. Afterward, they issued the following press release, containing statements from Aprilia Corse boss Massimo Rivola on their pursuit of a rider for 2022:


The two days of testing on the Misano track ended today, with protagonists Andrea Dovizioso and the Aprilia RS-GP.

Andrea was finally able to test the RS-GP in ideal conditions since the last test in Mugello was plagued by rain. 78 laps yesterday and 76 today are a testament to the hard work Andrea put in on the track, supported by the Aprilia Racing test team. Dovizioso lapped at decidedly fast times, making a clear improvement from one day to the next although, as always in these cases, the clock is not the most important reference.

Aerodynamics, electronics and the general dynamic of the bike, with various chassis solutions tested over the two days: these were the areas explored, also in view of developments on the RS-GP both for the second half of this season and to define the bike for next season.


“It was a very interesting test. Testing on a third and different circuit was extremely important to understand the bike better and to see which points need to be developed. We tested and changed a lot of things in order to better understand many details which, in fact, we gathered more accurately, identifying how to improve and where, on the other hand, we lose something with certain changes. With the next scheduled tests, we’ll be able to make more comparisons and discuss our ideas better.”


“These were two very positive days. We are pleased with these tests that gave us some important pointers and demonstrated the bike’s progress which has already been seen in the races. It’s a job that we will continue as scheduled in July. Andrea has proven to be a great rider in terms of sensitivity and understanding the way the bike behaves. Parallel to testing, Aprilia Racing is taking measures to find the best solution in terms of the riders to put on the grid in 2022, without having to wait for the outcome of the next tests in July. Andrea is certainly included in the solutions we are assessing, but there are very interesting and valid alternatives on the table and a decision must be taken soon so we can properly plan the future strategy of the team. The Assen weekend will be extremely important in this regard.”

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Given how well that Aprilia ran near the front last sunday - that ride must be something that Dovi is considering for 2022 or second best a Pedrosa-type testing role.

Sorry, couldn't help myself.  

Massimo is sounding like Aprilia's 2022 line-up will be decided within a few weeks.

This test sounds like they were immersed in a real Testing program, not the initial just try the bike sort of plan. It has me thinking about the HUGE value to Aprilia of a Test rider like Dovi. And that huge swell of young riders that is there right now, with no seats available in MotoGP...completely different scenario next year this time. 

I think Aprilia could do well to grab a fast kid right now. Not just for the script of one established and one young rider combo on a team (which has merit), but because of the timing. The bike has just been showcased well and is emergent. 

I love Joe Roberts, but he must be wondering if he made a mistake. Aprilia aren't likely to get a very top demand Moto2 rider (Raul Fernandez?), but just outside that could be a next Quartararo or Mir. If we get Dovi it will be wonderful! But for Aprilia's sake and longer term strength, have him Test. And replacement/wildcard! We still get to see him race. And he still gets to go do MX and enjoy himself. 

Could you imagine Dovi on track suiting the Aprilia battling with the first Red bike? Passionate story. Could still be there if he is on the Test team. 

How about get Joe Roberts and Dovi on the bikes while Aleix goes to the farm upstate if he doesn't to be test rider? I think the bike is no longer holding back the rider, it has become the vice versa.

Dovizioso on a black Aprilia! That is something I would like to see. And a young rider, not sure who, DiGia, Arbolino, Manzi or Vietti? Or a non-Italian. Difficult to tell who will go well on a MotoGp bike. I think Bez is heading to Bonesaw team VR46.

Sam Lowes is 30 & definitely doesn't want to go back to Aprilia!

Aprilia need a sattelite team but it looks as if it won't happen. No Piaggo, Vespa or Moto Guzzi re-badged Prillas. So Shrink may be right. Aleix & young gun numero uno racing. Dovi testing & wild cards when the wonder kid has a stack.

We'll see!

Joe Roberts has not been super competitive this year. Was hoping he would be. Wonder if Beaubier would be a better choice for the second Aprilia seat. Definitely would be a gamble since he has not had much time to show his worth. But he has passed a lot of riders during the races that he finished. Dorna must be keen for an American on the Motogp grid.

Dovi doing some wildcards this year might show A. Espargaro's level. Espargaro has been a workhorse, but without a fast teammate or any other Aprilias on the grid, the level of the bike is an unknown. The only way to get a clearer picture is to get a fast rider on another bike ASAP. No disrespect intended towards Savadori, who I believe is doing a great job considering his circumstances.

Would love to see Dovi racing again and slotted into a team with good vibes. I believe he has more to offer on the competitve level than his compatriot in Petronas. If that ends up being only wildcards as the official Aprilia tester, then that would be great. But judging from his most recent dialogue, he still feels he can compete for the title given the right situation.

Some people try to sell their home for a price that's more than it's worth, more than the market will bear. What brings their reasoning down to the reality of the situation is time. Dovi isn't getting any younger, and Motogp has become a young guns game. Not sure what kind of cards he thinks he's holding right now. 

To continue in MotoGP is with Aprilia. He might not like the money, but Ducati didn't like paying him what he demanded. Surely he has come to understand those two things by now. If he wants the big stage it will have to be with Aprilia. He sees all the young talent rising just like the rest of us. 

... and get on the bike Dovi!

Very disappointed to see the 8 Ducatis next year, had hoped both Aprilia and Suzuki would make the next step.  Suzuki especially seems to have a corporate mentality that one title in 20 years is enough, take the foot off the gas.  Aprilia seem to be still on an upswing but are hamstrung by rider talent.  They needed Dovi and Aleix on the factory bikes for 22 and a couple of young guns on a well run satellite, with an eye to promote one or both to factory in 23 if they blossomed. 

I think I've figured out Suzuki's problem: they party too much. Obviously they haven't sobered up since Mir won them the WC. Look at their decisions since and tell me there's a better explanation. "Monster money? Yaaa! More champagne. Davide is leaving? We don't need to replace him. We'll alllll pitch in togettthhhher. Qualifying still not going well? Whatever...the boys will pass evvverrrybody and winnnnn! WHEEEE!!! /sings WEEEEE AER THE CHAMPIONS...............OF THE WORLLLLLLLLD"

Yup, they are still partying. Only explanation.