2021 MotoGP Championship Standings After Round 11, Spielberg, Austria

1 Fabio Quartararo Yamaha 181  
2 Francesco Bagnaia Ducati 134 -47
3 Joan Mir Suzuki 134 -47
4 Johann Zarco Ducati 132 -49
5 Jack Miller Ducati 105 -76
6 Brad Binder KTM 98 -83
7 Maverick Viñales Yamaha 95 -86
8 Miguel Oliveira KTM 85 -96
9 Aleix Espargaro Aprilia 67 -114
10 Jorge Martin Ducati 64 -117
11 Marc Marquez Honda 59 -122
12 Takaaki Nakagami Honda 55 -126
13 Alex Rins Suzuki 44 -137
14 Alex Marquez Honda 41 -140
15 Pol Espargaro Honda 41 -140
16 Franco Morbidelli Yamaha 40 -141
17 Enea Bastianini Ducati 31 -150
18 Danilo Petrucci KTM 30 -151
19 Valentino Rossi Yamaha 28 -153
20 Luca Marini Ducati 27 -154
21 Iker Lecuona KTM 24 -157
22 Stefan Bradl Honda 11 -170
23 Dani Pedrosa KTM 6 -175
24 Lorenzo Savadori Aprilia 4 -177
25 Michele Pirro Ducati 3 -178
26 Tito Rabat Ducati 1 -180
27 Cal Crutchlow Yamaha 0 -181
28 Garrett Gerloff Yamaha 0 -181
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Austria and the Ostrich: it is a myth that they bury their heads in the sand when they're scared/threatened. Ostriches don't do that — they wouldn't be able to breathe! But they do dig holes in the dirt to use as nests for their eggs. Several times a day, a bird puts her head in the hole and turns the eggs.

So make no mistake, while it was a real Bitc!.l to get through, this Osterreich Round was one of wise bravery caring for a fecund future. Just look at the podium and Season standings.

Season 1,2,3...

Change is afoot throughout the order. Our front group just hit a bit of a snag, running Zarco AND Vinales. Marc looked good and was poised for a win Sunday. Nope! One point. Quartararo, while finishing a decent 7th for a disaster, looked fantastic at a tough Yamaha track. Of course skip this if not for you as usual. But, keep in mind we may grow to 24 grid spots for 2022 here. It's fun!

Does it look nuts to run Martin now? No. Watch him tipped next yr. Rins and Vinales? Bike based bets are interesting, Ducati esp. Morbidelli's old old A Spec doesn't look smart, but watch HIM here next yr, right? Just unlucky on the knee. 

I told you Cloverleaf was coming through! Open track in front of you.


Cloverleaf - Miller 105, Bagnaia 134, Quartararo 181 = 420

TZnRDracer - Quartararo 181, Zarco 132, Vinales 95 = 408

Rholcomb - Vinales 95, Zarco 132, Quartararo 181 = 408

Motoshrink - M.Marquez 59, Quartararo 181, Mir 134 = 374

Lilyvani - M.Marquez 59, Quartararo 181, Miller 105 = 345

D999 - M.Marquez 59, Miller 105, Quartararo 181 = 345

Iannis_Z - Mir 121, Morbidelli 40, Quartararo 181 = 342

Richtea - Zarco 132, M.Marquez 59, Mir 134 = 325

St Stephen - Quartararo 172, Rins 44, Vinales 95 = 311

Buccatini - Zarco 132, Bagnaia 134, Morbidelli 40 = 306

SP_won - Zarco 132, M.Marquez 59, Miller 105 = 296

Mr.X - Zarco 132, Vinales 95, Marquez 59 = 286

WaveyD1974 - M.Marquez 59, Bagnaia 134, Martin 64 = 257

Pool Pirate - Zarco 132, Morbidelli 40, Martin 64 = 236

Daddyrat - Zarco 132, M.Marquez 59, Rins 44 = 235

Apical/Brian/stumo - M.Marquez 59, Rins 44, Zarco 132 = 235

Peterday - Morbidelli 40, Mir 134, M.Marquez 59 = 233

Ivanhoe - Rins 44, M.Marquez 59, Morbidelli 40 = 143

Equals not much. 3 points from a possible 61.

Brian & stumo we aint going to win this challenge. Daddyrat you have them in the correct order.

JZ and the Marc were our best hopes. Both encountering some poor form.

Apical writes 22 names on 22 pieces of paper and throws them in the wind.

After being well placed all weekend, Zarco scoreds zero, merde.

Thought it was pronounced the Bitchi Gp. No red flags, at last, all action.

For a while I was counting up 30+ points thinking maybe Rins' head wasn't up his ass this weekend and Marc would stay on and win and Zarco would too and we'd zoom up the standings and then......3 points. Embarrassing. Whatever was PastBrian thinking to pick this lineup? SMH. Cheers, Apical, We'll get em next year. I'm already thinkng - JM89, FQ20, JM36 in some order. 

Never mind people, I welcome you to the realm of very bad predictors. Nostradamus we ain't hah.

Here's to hoping that some form of prior Marc will surface so we have him at least on par with FQ20, JM36, plus the red devils. Yesterday it sunk in that he has lost his cat-like reflexes, dexterity and strength, perhaps the nine lives have dwindled. Those low-speed low siders would have been no issue for Marc in his day.

And that Morbi makes a full recovery and inherits some better machinery next year.

Not so sure what I wish for AR42 - seems more flawed that we thought? What are your thoughts on him?

Bad predictions mean life isn't boring. As for AR42.........he is fast but can't stay focused. He may not have an accurate image of himself-ambition outweighing talent, doesn't understand his limitations, seems not to learn from mistakes, never a WC - probably for these reasons. Suzuki should trade him for FM21 imo. If there were such a thing. What think u? 

Rins was promising, but as he pushed himself and the bike the next step towards the front he bumped his head repeatedly on his career trajectory ceiling. It takes a few forms, but a more expected thing than lifting the ceiling without you or it breaking. 

Why/how? A few things could be articulated re his unforced errors while needing to bring simmer to boil when the dinner guests are all famished and crowded into one's inner kitchen. 

Joined Suzuki MotoGP 2017. Very inconsistent until late in the first half of 2018. 5 podiums that yr, besting Iannone's season pts. Signs 2 yr deal. MADE A DEAL WITH HIS GARAGE THAT WHEN HE WON A RACE HE WOULD SHAVE HIS HEAD. 2019 joined by Mir, who would quickly rise to meet and surpass him, skill on track and "looking to have something more" is back in the comments section here in real time btw. 2019 Austin COTA Runs scores a beautiful win for Suzuki after Marc retired. He has two more such wins, but perhaps most importantly, did not shave his head after Austin. 

Mir has looked to have the something more for a while. That is the amazing story. We get one Mir for every what, 40 or so Rins, Vinales, Crutchlow, Petrucci, Miller, Zarco, et al. 

'Nuff said .  thought there was points in the bag....

If you don't think The Marc is coming, "you're living in koo-koo land." This track layout in the dry put unusually high demands on the right arm. Unlike the previous two tracks, he had to have pain killer injections here. And still, was poised for the potential HARD fought win. Looking steady and stalking with extra in pocket. The skittle cat isn't yet over half done with his 9 lives. This Honda tosses, and watches The Marc land on his feet. Thank heavens the HRC bike is long aberrant. And currently a couple equals are slotted in, one more grabbing a tow.