Hafizh Syahrin

Hafizh Syahrin Confirmed At Tech3 KTM For 2019

Hafizh Syahrin is to remain with the Tech3 team for another season. As had been strongly hinted at Mugello, the Malaysian rider will follow the French team as they make their switch to KTM machinery for 2019. 

The signing of Syahrin now means that the two KTM teams - factory and satellite - now have their full complement of riders: Pol Espargaro and Johann Zarco in the factory Red Bull KTM, Miguel Oliveira and Hafizh Syahrin in the Tech3 KTM team. The two factory riders will be with their teams through the 2020 season, while the Tech3 riders are signed only for 2019, though Tech3 is in the practice of giving their rookie riders an option for a second season, allowing them to develop for a year.

The press releases from the Tech3 team and from KTM appear below:

Tech3 proudly announces contract extension with Hafizh Syahrin for one more year

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Subscriber Feature: The Revolution Which Will Shake The 2019 MotoGP Grid Up Beyond Recognition

At the start of this year, I made three predictions for the 2018 MotoGP season: that Marc Márquez would win more races this year on his way to the title than he did last year; that Valentino Rossi would sign a new contract with Yamaha; and that this year's Silly Season would be a disappointingly tame affair, with most riders staying where they are.

Three months into the year, and it looks like one of those predictions will be right, as Rossi is already close to signing a new contract already. It's too early to judge the Márquez prediction, with racing still to start, though the Repsol Honda rider has looked very strong in preseason testing.

But I am starting to believe that my final prediction, that Silly Season would turn out to be something of a dud, will be proved completely wrong. After three MotoGP tests and a whole lot of talking, the rumor mill is running at full tilt. And what it is saying is that this could be the season where the grid is turned upside down. Though at this stage, much is still just gossip and rumor, it looks like the only factory team to remain unchanged will be the Movistar Yamaha team.

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Hafizh Syahrin To Test Monster Tech 3 Yamaha At Buriram In Audition For 2018 MotoGP Season

Hafizh Syahrin is to test the Tech 3 Yamaha at the upcoming MotoGP test in Buriram, Thailand. The test is quite obviously an audition for the Malaysian rider, who is the prime candidate to replace the sick Jonas Folger for the rest of the 2018 season.

The test is a formality for Syahrin. The SIC Moto2 team has already replaced him with Zulfahmi Khairuddin for the coming season, and all pieces are in place for Syahrin to become a full-time fixture in MotoGP. But caution dictates that the Malaysian rider must first show he what he is capable of at Buriram before being officially signed to a contract.

But the bar will not set at a particular finishing position in the test for the Malaysian. What Syahrin will have to do at Buriram is to show continuous progress, and show he is capable of learning. Given his progress in Moto2, that should be acheivable.

The press release from the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team announcing Syahrin for the test appears below:

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Hafizh Syahrin Now Main Candidate For Tech 3 MotoGP Seat As Zulfahmi Khairuddin Confirmed In His Moto2 Ride

The chances of MotoGP getting its first ever Malaysian rider are rising exponentially. It is looking ever more likely that Hafizh Syahrin, currently signed to the Petronas Sprinta Racing Team in Moto2, will move up to MotoGP and take over the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha seat vacated by Jonas Folger due to illness.

Rumors that Syahrin was a candidate to replace Folger first emerged after the opening MotoGP test of the 2018 season in Sepang, where a range of names were being bandied about. Few people were mentioning Syahrin, however, until MCN published a story linking the Malaysian rider to the team.

Since Saturday, things have moved into a higher gear. Today, the Petronas Sprinta Racing Team confirmed that Zulfahmi Khairuddin will be replacing Syahrin on the Kalex Moto2 machine the team will be fielding in 2018. At the same time, Syahrin confirmed in an Instagram post that he will be leaving the team to ride elsewhere.

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