Repsol Press Release: Another Interview With Andrea Dovizioso

After consecutive days of press release interviews with Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner, it should come as no surprise that today the Repsol Media Service issued a third interview with their third rider, Andrea Dovizioso. In the interview, Dovizioso speaks about his season so far, and what he is doing in the break ahead of Brno. Below is the press release:

"I have never been so strong in all races as this year"

The Repsol rider, firmly in third position of the overall standings, is optimist for the second half of the season

In his third season at the Repsol Honda Team, Andrea Dovizioso reaches the summer break firmly placed in third position of the World Championship, after getting four podiums and gathering points in all races. Always among the fastest of the category, the Italian rider is showing a great consistency that keeps him in the first places of the premiere category of the Motorcycling World Championship.

What are your plans for these free days?

"Family holidays, five days in Sardinia, resting at the beach with my family and my friends to relax and gather energy for Brno".

Are you satisfied with your third overall position?

"With the third position, yes, but not with the difference to Casey and Jorge. Fifty points are too many, but there is nothing impossible".

What is your assessment of this first half of the season?

"I want to see the positive side and we are third of the championship, I had never been so strong in all races as this year. So I am very happy with the job of the team and of the feeling of the bike, but naturally, our aim is to fight for the championship and right now, we are not competitive enough to set up an strategy to do it. Anyway, we are well placed in the championship and there are still eight races ahead, so we have to believe. We will see which result we get in the end".

We have seen you in the second and third steps of the podium. What does Andrea Dovizioso need to fight for victory?

"It is very difficult because the level is very high. Lorenzo is having a great season, Casey [Stoner] is very strong and Dani [Pedrosa], when he is in good form, sets the difference. It is really very difficult to try and beat them. I mean, beating all of them at the same time, because sometimes one and sometimes the other is in front".

Which race do you prefer of the rounds held with Repsol Honda until now?

"I think the Mugello race this year was beautiful. To ride in Mugello, fighting for victory and achieving the second position after a battle in front of the Italian fans was something important. Feeling their support was such a great feeling that I will always remember it".

If you could go back in time, is there a decision of the ones you took during the first half of the season, both out or in a race, that you would change?

"No. I think that we have achieved the maximum we could do with what we had, except in Laguna Seca, where the max was to be fourth and we did not get it. But until then I did all I could. It is not enough, because we want to fight for the Championship, but I believe we could do nothing more".

How do you see Pedrosa, Stoner and Lorenzo at this moment and what do you think it can happen in the fight for the title between Stoner and Lorenzo?

"It will undoubtedly be very difficult to reduce the distance to Lorenzo and Casey, because when they go well, they win, and if not, they are on the podium. It is very difficult, but I want to believe in my chances and we will see. I think Dani is in a better situation, because he has less pressure and he is very fast, so he can fight for victory in all races".

Of the races left, which one you are most looking forward too?

"Probably Malaysia. The Sepang circuit is one of my favourite tracks. It is amazing to ride there with a MotoGP bike".

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has quickly become one of my favorite riders. Hopefully he gets the credit he deserves and finds a good ride next year. Whether that be back with Repsol in a 3 rider team (I assume this is unlikely) he should atleast be on a bike with factory support. He's certainly proven himself, he shouldn't be relegated to an inferior bike.

Dovi has also earned admiration from me - very professional, very pleasant (as far as I can see), very quick and does deserve more recognition than he gets.
However (and this is frustrating as hell and pains me to say) in the interview above he admits himself he can't beat Lorenzo, Stoner and Pedrosa unless they have a bad race (like Stoner at Mugello with tyre pressure issues for example), and he's been a factory Honda rider for some time now. Admittedly the Honda may not have been the better bike until this year, but even now he seems to accept he not going to win a race.
If a racer has one of the best bikes on the grid but not the confidence to win with it, maybe it is time to hand over to someone else who does feel they can win. I really don't like to think this way, but with so few factory bikes available then there is only one choice in who dips out in 2012. Sad but true - dammit.

Take anyone else in the paddock besides the afformentioned aliens (and even rossi not on a ducati) and if they said "Oh I can totally beat those guys any day of the week, if not for tires/weather/engine-rule/my team/the bike/etc" then people would just roll their eyes and say "typical rider".

Instead, Dovi's being honest and not just immaturely postering, and he's obviously still giving it all he's got because look at him, he's in 3rd place in the championship! It's kind of like the same grief people assign to Hayden in 2006, 'didn't deserve the championship' yet the points don't lie!

Dovi's a great rider, but it's almost as if it's unfair to say that "he doesn't have that winning edge" but more like "stoner/lorenzo/healthy-pedrosa" are supernatural.

All the way through this I read that he believes and has to believe, whilst talking about the championship. Doesn't sound defeatist to me, as Konr1982 says he's merely voicing an honest and accurate assessment of the three Aliens.

O.K Dovi's got a 125 title under his belt, but it certainly seems in this era he's missing the 'eenth degree required in the company he's running with.

As exciting as a glass of milk.

You have to be more then a little crazy to win. You need to step out of the safe zone. Such as Stoner at Laguna.

The other hondas : Stoner, Pedrosa and Simo all have a fire that he is lacking. They would all take a risk that he wouldn't. For good or bad.

that if you mix simo / dovi together you come up with the perfect rider....

which really is Valentino - shame the bike is not there yet.

Dovi is doing his best, he does need to find them extra tenths to stick it out - his racecraft & riding is great.

"The other hondas : Stoner, Pedrosa and Simo all have a fire that he is lacking. They would all take a risk that he wouldn't. For good or bad."

aside from Stoner, Dovi is comfortably ahead of all those riders. Technically he's the 2nd best man on a Honda right now. Sure Pedrosa has been hurt, but Dovi has been battling Simo all year in every race and still manages to avoid Simo's recklessness. Maybe his slight lack of risk taking has really paid off...