Repsol Media Press Release Interview and Video: Marquez On Being Fastest In Austin Testing

The Repsol Media Service, industrious as ever, released another interview after testing at Austin. After the interview with Dani Pedrosa yesterday, today it was the turn of Marc Marquez, the man who topped the test. The Repsol Honda man talks about adapting to the MotoGP bike, his progress in learning to ride a MotoGP machine, the Austin circuit, and which races he is most looking forward to. The press release interview and video is shown below:

"I started to have more fun on the bike in Austin"

Repsol Honda rider talks about first test at Austin and says that he now controls his Honda RC213V.

Reigning Moto2 World Champion Marc Márquez continues to impress in his first MotoGP preseason. The Repsol rider was the fastest man at the test held at the Circuit of the Americas last week and, whilst he was not expecting to go so well, shone once again in his rookie ride at the track.

You’ve been riding extremely fast in preseason so far. How do you assess what you’ve done so far in MotoGP?

“The first test is where you learn the most, and where everything is new. Above all in Malaysia, as I put in very few laps in Valencia. In Austin I already understood the bike a little better. With no base setting, you have to work a lot more and, although it is tougher for the rider, in the end you learn more from that. The truth is that at this most recent test I picked up a lot more and understood the electronics better.”

You topped the timesheets in Austin. Had you prepared for this test in a specific way?

“I’d seen videos of the Formula 1 race there, some onboard footage and the like. But when you get to the track, it’s completely different to that. We rode a couple of laps on the scooter, but I think that the key was taking this test with a lot of calm –especially at the beginning when looking for the best lines. We planned it all very well. I liked the track from the start, I adapted to it and this was important. I think that when the race comes round, all of the riders will have a base to build upon. These three days were a little ‘fictitious’ and the reality will be that everyone will be closer together.”

Were you expecting to clock the fastest time at this test? What does it tell you, that you can come here as a rookie and go quickest?

“Of course, this result was better than I was expecting. We have to look at the reality, and not expect to go so well –especially at a new track. In the end, all the World Championship circuits are places where everyone else has ridden for years with these bikes. They have experience and a solid foundation. For me, this will all be new. At a new circuit like this one I adapted well, and that is a boost.”

What are the trickiest parts of the track, and where you gain time?

“This circuit is divided into two. I think that the first part, with the chicanes, is where the difference can be made. I think that this will be the decisive part of the race as well, because physically this half of the track tyres you out and requires constant strength. The final sector is tricky, above all with the three consecutive right handers. There is a lot of time to win or lose there too.”

Do you think we will see a lot of overtaking in the race?

“Yes, it’s a track with a lot of overtaking spots. That will be good to watch for the spectators, above all on the last lap.”

Is there any circuit in particular at which you can’t wait to ride in MotoGP?

“Of course, the home races are the ones that you get most excited about. Any track with a home crowd is always special, and you love riding there.”

You said at the beginning that the bike was riding you. Now is it you who is in charge?

“Yes, little-by-little. I started to enjoy myself more on the bike here. I am a little looser. There are still moments in which I stiffen up, but I don’t think tensing up or being looser really makes a difference between going faster or slower. Riding loose just allows me to be more consistent, and able to use my bodyweight more when the tyres go off. Here, especially at the end of the second day and the entire third day, I felt very good.”

What are the strengths of the Honda RC213V, now you know it better?

“The strong points of the Honda are known by pretty much everybody: Acceleration and slow corners, on the brakes. I think it will be at the stop-and-go circuits that we can take more of an advantage.”

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Generally like the way Marquez, like his predecessor calls a spade a spade.
The Quatar event will be telling in terms of betting odds within the realms of GP title first time out.
Given the Austin test he's certainly on the Marc. The HRC bike. I don't believe it has any advantage over the M1 over the course of a season against George.
Heh ! On the other hand, Ducati have naught to lose by focusing totally on point,brake and squirt to upset the general and anticipated 2013 season.
Crikey, the time is drawing near, round #1 under the lights that is.
Anyone got a cheaper suggestion to watch it all 'live and fast' outside of general TV feed at premium rates?
I guess not ! Live sport is the only thing that keeps these sattelite channels going.
Repeat,repeat and you guessed it ...repeats.
Anyway it was about Marc. I backed him in 125 and Moto2 and wish him all the best. I would have loved to have seen a 2013 GP battle between himself on the HRC and Pol on the Factory M1 alongside George. Dani HRC, respectively.
Afterthought. Four superlative Spanish riders. Nothing but praise for their 2 wheel GP conveyor belt,despite economic gloom and doom.

Man, haven't seen one of your comments in awhile. Always good to read your unique style.

I believe the Honda holds a slight advantage over the M1 going into the year. Especially, as stated by the riders, in "stop-n-go" areas. But of course, time will soon tell. I wouldn't look for Ducati to upset, unless one of their riders *coughIannonecough* gets overzealous and takes another rider out.