BMW Press Release: Chaz Davies On His Double Win At Aragon WSBK

To celebrate Chaz Davies' impressive first double win in World Superbikes at the Motorland Aragon circuit, BMW issued the following press release, containing an interview with the Welshman. In the interview, Davies talks about the improvements BMW has made to their S1000RR for this season, the crucial advances made at the Jerez WSBK test, and his thoughts on being a contender for the 2013 WSBK title.

The press release from BMW is shown below:

Chaz Davies: “BMW has done an awesome job.”

BMW Motorrad GoldBet SBK Team rider Chaz Davies speaks about his great first double victory in the FIM Superbike World Championship at Aragón.

Munich/Bologna, 17th April 2013. Last Sunday at Spanish “Motorland Aragón” is a day Chaz Davies (GBR) will remember for a long time. At only his second round as a factory rider for the BMW Motorrad GoldBet SBK Team, the Welshman celebrated his first ever double victory in the FIM Superbike World Championship. In addition, he claimed his first ever front row start and fastest race lap in the series. Twenty-six-year-old Chaz is only contesting his second season in the premier league for production-based bikes and keeps on proving his talent. After being crowned Supersport World Champion in 2011, he debuted in the series last year and claimed his first podium finish also in Aragón. At Nürburgring, he celebrated his first victory in the series, and has now added two more triumphs to his tally. In autumn 2012 he joined the BMW Motorrad GoldBet SBK Team. He used the winter to get acquainted with the BMW S 1000 RR and to prepare it for the season together with his crew. At the season opener at the end of February at Phillip Island (AUS), Chaz finished a strong fourth in his first ever race on the factory RR, though he was unlucky in race two. Now, after one and a half months of intensive work, he was the shining star at Aragón, dominating both of Sunday’s races.

“Chaz, could you have dreamed of celebrating your first double victory at only your second round as a BMW Motorrad GoldBet SBK Team factory rider?”

Chaz Davies: “No! To be honest, I expected that we would be close to the podium fairly early in the season but to actually finish on the podium is a different story and then to celebrate the double win definitely came as a surprise. It was unexpected but I am happy to take it.”

“What were your feelings when crossing the finish line as a winner?”

Chaz Davies: “I was massively happy. I also felt a bit relieved as well because particularly in the second race I really had to push and take risks to build my lead. When you do that for a few laps you take a deep breath when you reach the finish line. So it was a mixture of relief and elation. It was a big achievement for me as well as for the team and everybody who is involved in the project.”

“After Australia, you and the team made a big step. Key to the success was not only the fact that you really like the Aragón circuit. How important have the tests in Jerez been and what were the main improvements on the RR?”

Chaz Davies: “The tests in Jerez have been the most important key to our improvement from Phillip Island to Aragón. At the first test, we solely worked on electronics. Over two days, we did not touch one click of suspension which is very important because I rode the same bike with the same conditions lap after lap and that gives you the perfect chance to learn the bike. Also another factor is that for two days we used a very hard tyre so I had a lot of sliding and spinning which is another opportunity to learn the bike better. At this test we also made a huge step forward regarding the new electronic strategies BMW had been working hard on. I think the key to success was me learning the RR better and the development of BMW coming together at the right time. Of course I have been strong at Aragón before but I don’t see that as the main reason why we have been so successful last weekend.”

“You said that you now feel that the RR is ‘really yours’. Was there a special moment in which you realised that you feel perfectly comfortable on it or was it a process?”

Chaz Davies: “It did not happen that easily in one moment but it was probably at that Jerez test when we only worked on electronics. I really enjoyed riding the RR, I had a good feeling and a lot of fun, and the bike has been working well. I definitely felt we have made an improvement. But it is one thing to think that at a test and then another thing to put it into practice at the race weekend. So it wasn’t until Aragón when I finished second in the first practice that I really knew it. Particularly after many other teams have been testing there, I thought that we should start the weekend probably somewhere in the top eight and then we started at the front and finished at the front.”

“How do you feel within the BMW Motorrad GoldBet SBK Team? Has it become like a family to you?”

Chaz Davies: “Yes, definitely. I now really know the guys. There are so many people that first only knowing the names is an achievement. Now we really gelled together, we know each other very well and how we work. We have built up a very good relationship and the guys have done an awesome job so far.”

“Now you are up to second in the Riders’ Classification, people have started talking about you as a title contender. What is your personal point of view? How are you approaching the next races and which are the targets you have set yourself?”

Chaz Davies: “To be honest I am not even thinking about the title. It was only the second round so we don’t need to get concerned about the championship but just try to focus on doing the best possible job on every single race weekend and try to win races. Then eventually the championship situation will become clearer at the last few rounds and then we can start to focus on that if we have the chance. That is the approach I took back in 2011 and even when I had a healthy lead in the points I was just trying to win races. I won’t change from that and will just try to keep being successful.”

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plus aggressive on track and seems to be able to ride any type of bike - must be a team manager's delight. I was surprised that Aprilia 'let him go'. It won't be easy, as he well knows, but his WC showed he knows how to put a championship together in amongst the 'axe-murderers', so he's not afraid of a battle or lacking in strategy. A real racer.

he should have kept quiet about...............!!

" At the first test, we solely worked on electronics. Over two days, we did not touch one click of suspension which is very important because I rode the same bike with the same conditions lap after lap and that gives you the perfect chance to learn the bike. Also another factor is that for two days we used a very hard tyre so I had a lot of sliding and spinning which is another opportunity to learn the bike better. "

Only making one change at a time ..........

he has won a very strong fan in me thanks to his aragon performance particularly in the second race (still might have won in the first race even if laverty and sykes hadn't had their technical failures. it was highly probable he'd have passed at least sykes (and kept it like that till the end) if not laverty coz laverty actually had built up quite a few seconds of gap before his bike failure).

he rode quite like lorenzo (when he's having his day) this last weekend in some ways particularly in the race 2..dominant, clinical, calculating, totally focused and bringing out a string of consistent fast fast laps, not making mistakes and whenever he did (a few small ones in race 1) he also had something extra in his hands to make up for it..

I completely agree with the above comment about Chaz's character, nice guy and a real racer. I was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Chaz at the 2005 Day of Champions so its nice to see the success he deserves finally coming his way after years of hard graft paying his dues in world championship racing on uncompetitive machinery. Back then he was campaigning an ancient outdated Aprilia and getting some half decent results but the choice rides never came his way.

One of his main rivals at that time was another struggling privateer, one Sylvain Guintoli so it's great to see them both finally in the factory berths they clearly deserve. When riders of the caliber of these guys got repeatedly passed over by the top teams in the MotoGP paddock is there any wonder why there is still a large amount of the fanbase that resent riders they perceive as getting the works rides due to holding the correct passport.

It was fun watching Chaz when he was here in America. I have been a fan of his since then.

He is a nice guy and a fierce competitor. I hope he wins it all this season, he has paid his dues and is worthy of prime time.

Go Chaz!