Peter Bom Subscriber Podcast: On 2021 So Far, A Deep Dive Into Datalogging, And Being A World Champion Crew Chief

For the Paddock Pass Podcast, I spoke to Peter Bom, former crew chief and now expert MotoGP commentator for Dutch Eurosport. We covered a huge range of topics, starting with a review of the first half of the 2021 MotoGP season, and where the factories stand.

After that, Peter went into great depth about the use of datalogging, and how it is different at the world championship level and for club racers. Using his vast experience as a 2D specialist, he breaks down the best approach to datalogging for club racers, how to use data to go faster, and what a data engineer is looking for at the World Championship level. 

Peter had great success as a crew chief, winning world championships with Cal Crutchlow in World Supersport, Stefan Bradl in Moto2, and Danny Kent in Moto3. He talks candidly about working as a crew chief, and what a crew chief can do to try to get the best out of their rider, and where they can fail.

It was a long conversation - nearly an hour and forty minutes - but fascinating, and frank.

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This is why I am a patreon subscriber! Great interview. Great content. 

A request. Riders are always talking about changing their "riding style" for different bikes. It would be great if Peter could comment on what that means, if anything.

Cheers! Really enjoyable and interesting interview.  Was sitting on a tractor and that 90min flew by.  Would you guys consider filling a few days for me?!

I know it's a stereotype of the Dutch, but love how frank he is in discussing things. No BS platitudes to riders, he says what he believes and that was very refreshing.