Scrap Another Name - Dovizioso Stays In 250 Next Year

Well, the influx of young riders from the 250 class seems slowly to be staunching: After Jorge Lorenzo decided to stay in 250s for one more year (I will have more to say about this during the off-season), the only man capable of taking the title from him has also announced he'll be staying in the class next year. According to the Italian site MotoOnline, Andrea Dovizioso has signed a 2 year contract with Honda, staying in 250s for 2007, and moving to MotoGP in 2008.

It will be very interesting to see what Dovizioso will be riding, and for whom, in 2008, as the Honda seats look pretty well booked, even for 2008: Nicky Hayden has a 2 year deal with HRC Repsol Honda, and it's almost inconceivable that HRC won't re-sign Pedrosa when his contract finishes at the end of next season. Which leaves the satellite teams, and there are plenty of candidates for those rides. It certainly complicates the picture for next year's silly season (and this year's hasn't even finished yet ...).

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