Punishments At HRC After Pedrosa Destroys Hayden's Title Hopes?

The excellent US roadracing magazine RoadRacerX has a story on it's website that punishments might be on the cards for key HRC personnel after Dani Pedrosa shattered Honda's best chance of taking a World Championship since Valentino Rossi left, with an ill-advised pass. The kamikaze pass on team mate Hayden is widely being blamed on HRC's failure to instigate team orders, allowing Pedrosa to believe he was fully justified in taking any risk necessary to win races, in a desperate attempt to close the 34 point deficit Pedrosa had on Nicky Hayden.

The Italian site MotoGrandPrix.it seems to have broken the story, and is stating that the most likely candidate for punishment will be Tsutomu Ishii, HRC's General Manager, although the names Makoto Tanaka (Team Manager), Chris Herring (Sporting Director) and Roger van der Borght (Team Coordinator) are also being mentioned.

Meanwhile, the international press is calling for Alberto Puig, Pedrosa's crew chief and mentor, to be among those punished, after his extremely intemperate remarks to a Spanish sports daily, basically blaming Hayden for the crash, and claiming that Pedrosa had every right to attempt the pass that ended HRC's title hopes. Dennis Noyes, a long-time MotoGP journalist and former racer, has a very interesting piece over at SpeedTV.com on the Svengali-like relationship between Pedrosa and Puig, putting Pedrosa's mad move into keen perspective.

~~~ UPDATE ~~~

I have a piece about the root causes behind the crash here.

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