MotoGPOD Podcast Is Back

For the fans of Bob Hayes' great motorcycle racing podcast MotoGPOD, the podcast is back again! The podcast fell into neglect earlier this year after Bob, a military reservist, was called to active service. However, thanks to the valiant efforts of Jules Cisek (the driving force behind the blog and forum) and Liam Shubert (a member of the Pramac d'Antin team, whose adventures you can read about on, MotoGPOD has been resurrected and is back on the internet. Jules and Liam are hoping to get the show back on a more regular basis, and keep it running until Bob returns from service and can start making the show again.

If you don't know the show, it's an informative discussion about all the stuff that's happening in MotoGP, and elsewhere in racing, with all sorts of background info and other tidbits thrown in for good measure. The latest episode features Liam Shubert giving us the lowdown on some of the testing that's being going on, and his thoughts on the new Honda RC212V.

And if you're a fan of motorcycle racing podcasts, there are two other shows you really want to catch: Rumblestrip Radio, an entertaining ramble around the world of motorcycling brought to you by "The Duke"; and the Soupkast</>,'s inside dirt on all things related to motorcycle racing. If you have any other motorcycle racing or motorcycle-related podcast favorites, let me know, and we'll post them here.

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