Yamaha To Present Fiat Sponsorship On Monday

With so much talk of the lack of sponsors in MotoGP over the last few weeks and months, one mystery is soon set to come to an end. The question of who would sponsor Valentino Rossi's Factory Yamaha team was a worrying one, for if no one could be found to fund the biggest name in MotoGP, what chance would the smaller teams have of finding sufficient funding?

The mystery is set to be resolved on Monday, according to MotoGrandPrix.it. They are reporting that Yamaha will present Fiat sponsorship on Monday. The deal had been rumored for several weeks, especially as Valentino Rossi is expected to switch to the World Rally Championship after he retires from racing. Rossi would then race the new rally version of a Fiat Punto due to be launched later this year.

~~~ UPDATE ~~~

It seems the deed is done. More here.

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