250 Update - Roberto Locatelli - Updated Again

I know that many of my readers follow both the 125 and 250 cc world championship, in addition to MotoGP, so I'm posting this for all of you who saw Roberto Locatelli's horrific crash during practice at Jerez last weekend. Eurosport is carrying a story that Roberto Locatelli did not suffer brain damage as a result of the freak accident, which saw Locatelli inexplicably veer off into a tire wall, hitting it at high speed. Locatelli suffered a badly broken ankle, a collapsed lung, chest injuries and broke a lot of bones in his face. He has been kept in a drug-induced coma since he was admitted to hospital. His season, and possibly his career, is at an end, but at least it looks like he got away without suffering brain damage.

I, and I'm sure many of you, wish Roberto a speedy and full recovery.

~~~ UPDATED ~~~

According to Autosport.com, Roberto has regained consciousness and has talked to his girlfriend and the medical staff. Unsurprisingly, he can remember nothing of the crash. He is already asking questions about when he will be able to get back to racing, so at least mentally he is in good shape. Good news.

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