Confusion Reigns About Indianapolis MotoGP Race

It seems like the addition of a MotoGP round at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in mid-September 2008 has the motoring press on both sides of the Atlantic in a real tizzy. Fact, fiction and fantasy are being mixed up into a giant Fruitcake Smoothie of confusion. The worst culprits are here in Europe, with the normally excellent Eurosport laboring under the misapprehension that Indy will replace the US GP at Laguna Seca. That is, of course, stuff and nonsense, as the one thing the Indy MotoGP round won't be will be the US GP. A name is yet to be revealed, but that will surely be made at the official announcement on July 16th.

Meanwhile, the venerable car publication Autoweek lumbered some poor car journalist with writing a quick item about the Indianapolis MotoGP, and he managed to get a few minor details wrong, stating that the series consisted of three classes: 1500 cc, 250cc and 500cc. We're prepared to accept that the 1500 cc was a typo, but really, the merest smattering of fact checking would have turned up the fact that the 500s disappeared 6 years ago. Still, at least the event is getting some kind of coverage in car publications.

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