Pedrosa In Talks With Kawasaki

The MotoGP paddock has spent a long time waiting for Dani Pedrosa to finally sign the new contract which HRC have waiting for him. It was thought that much of the delay was due to disagreements about the length of the contract, with HRC wanting Pedrosa to sign for 3 years, while Pedrosa only wanted to extend for a single year. With Pedrosa's displeasure with HRC becoming ever more public, delaying signing the contract seemed understandable, but rather pointless. After all, where, realistically, could Pedrosa go?

The answer to that is Kawasaki, according to Spanish sports daily Although the move seems risky, as despite Honda's problems with the RC212V this year, you wouldn't bet against the Japanese giant not catching up next year, but there is more to it than just bikes. Pedrosa is also believed to be disgusted with the Michelin tires, and switching to Kawasaki would also guarantee a switch to Bridgestone tires. Kawasaki is said to be helping the negotiations along by offering a much more generous financial package than Honda, as having both John Hopkins and Dani Pedrosa sharing a garage would virtually guarantee success.

Although it's too early to tell just how much of this will come to fruition, it would be a fascinating and brave move by Pedrosa. And the mere mention of Pedrosa leaving Honda could put enough pressure on HRC to decide to switch to Bridgestones, in order to keep the Spaniard. The tire wars are claiming ever more casualties, and with Yamaha rumored to be considering a switch to Bridgestones, it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that there will be not one but two tire manufacturers leaving the MotoGP series at the end of the year.

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