Proposed Single Tire Rule Unpopular With Most Riders

Battle continues over the proposal from Dorna CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta to institute a single tire rule, aimed at putting an end to the perception that this year's racing has been unexciting. Where previously, much of the comment has come for the proposal's supporters, now, a bevy of top riders have spoken out against the idea. According to, Casey Stoner, Chris Vermeulen and Marco Melandri have all rejected moves to a single tire make for MotoGP. Stoner's objections are well-known, as he has often referred to the rule as "punishing Bridgestone for their success," and claims that the idea is only being taken seriously because of a concerted effort to pressure Dorna, the MSMA and the FIM by Valentino Rossi and Dani Pedrosa, but Vermeulen and Melandri have so far been less vocal.

Vermeulen's opposition is particularly relevant, as the Australian Suzuki rider was competing in the World Superbike championship during the period that WSBK switched to a single tire make, the series selecting Pirelli to supply tires for the series. And Vermeulen's comments were particularly illustrative of the downside of a single tire rule. "I know with Pirelli from the Superbike side, once it went single tyre the development stopped, and it didn't continue for two years, and that eventually gets back to everyone. They won't be in a position to come to MotoGP for a long time because of that" the Australian said.

The decision on whether to go ahead with a single tire will be made at a meeting scheduled for October 21st, at the Malaysian round of MotoGP.

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